For Healthcare Providers
Deliver Intelligent, Conversational Healthcare at Scale

To thrive in a value-based era, healthcare institutions must provide excellent patient care, reduce inefficiencies and manage costs. Our AI-driven communication tools optimize patient services by providing immediate answers to common questions, facilitating automated outreach initiatives, and triaging patient queries to the appropriate person.

With, Obtain Access to:
  • Customizable, Conversational AI Chatbots
  • Human-to-human Live Chat Platform
  • SMS Texting System
  • Omni-channel Communications System
  • Unlimited API Integrations
  • Dashboard Reporting and Analytics
How Helps:
  • Immediate, 24/7 patient access to common questions
  • Route complex patient questions to the appropriate human
  • Facilitate payment planning and payment collection
  • Automate patient outreach initiatives
  • Optimize patient services with data driven insights
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Financial Services

The Ivy chatbot can reduce a business's customer service costs by up to 35%.

Financial Services are complex, so providing customers with clear, helpful, accurate information quickly is crucial to remaining relevant and an industry leader. Your Ivy chatbot will reduce costs while servicing more people.

Scalability: Serve More
People Faster

Your Ivy chatbot can provide immediate, tailored two-way conversations at scale. That means you can have an unlimited number of conversations that are delivering personalized secure information (e.g. bank balance) through a variety of channels (text, Email, web, Facebook) and to multiple users all at once and all the answers are accurate and consistent. No human can do that!


Hi Michal!
Welcome to Bank of Durham! How can I help?

What is my account balance?


Which account would you like to check?




Holistic Customer Service

Your bot can be optimized to check account balances and credit scores, set financial goals, transfer money, and pay friends and bills. Your Ivy chatbot can have the ability to handle informational, transactional, and even advisory customer service requests.

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Cut Wait Time

The modern customer is not going to wait in line at the bank or ATM if they don’t have to. Your Ivy chatbot helps process transactions faster and more efficiently so waiting in a line is a thing of the past.

Meet Ivy.

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Hi Jensen, your credit card balance is due in 3 days. Do you want to pay now?
No, schedule it for tomorrow.
Jensen Collins
Ok, Done. Anything else?

Automate Bill Paying

Making sure that bills are paid on time can become even easier. The Ivy chatbot SMS feature can automatically inform customers when a bill is due and help them pay it via their mobile device.

Customer Education

Customers want to learn how to be smart with their money. Your Ivy chatbot can educate them with answers to questions like “How do I get a mortgage?”, “What tax benefits am I eligible to take?” and “How much should I save for retirement?”. The basics of financial wellness can be delivered through a variety of forms including video tutorials.

Understanding Your
Customer Better

Your Ivy chatbot is fueled by data. The more it knows, the better it works. While giving customers answers to their most pressing questions, it will also collect information on your customers so you can address their needs and desires with data-driven solutions.

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How much would you like to invest?
I just got a bonus of $5,000.
Great, do you have an IRA?
No, what’s that?

Reach the Next Generation

To engage with Gen Z you need to provide service 24/7 across multiple channels. The Ivy SMS feature can help the next generation of customers be financially healthy sooner. Through Ivy, young adults can automate paying off their college loans, learn how to create smart savings plans and even buy their first home.


Bots can never replace the consultative work that human financial advisors provide but they can better prepare customers for when they do meet an investment professional. Your Ivy bot can help clients complete financial disclosure forms, book appointments, and take investment orders once there is a financial plan in place.

Karla O'Brain

I want to see someone who can help me invest my money.

Okay, let’s begin by collecting some information. How much you would like to invest?

Karla O'Brain


Do you have a financial plan in place?

Karla O'Brain

No, what is that?

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Free COVID-19 Response System

Schools and Healthcare Providers are facing an incredible communications challenge as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and we want to help. Until June 30, 2020, we’re offering a free COVID-19 Response System to help connect institutions and their users at scale. Online setup takes 10 minutes, and installation is as simple as pasting one line of code onto your website.

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