For Healthcare Providers
Deliver Intelligent, Conversational Healthcare at Scale

To thrive in a value-based era, healthcare institutions must provide excellent patient care, reduce inefficiencies and manage costs. Our AI-driven communication tools optimize patient services by providing immediate answers to common questions, facilitating automated outreach initiatives, and triaging patient queries to the appropriate person.

With, Obtain Access to:
  • Customizable, Conversational AI Chatbots
  • Human-to-human Live Chat Platform
  • SMS Texting System
  • Omni-channel Communications System
  • Unlimited API Integrations
  • Dashboard Reporting and Analytics
How Helps:
  • Immediate, 24/7 patient access to common questions
  • Route complex patient questions to the appropriate human
  • Facilitate payment planning and payment collection
  • Automate patient outreach initiatives
  • Optimize patient services with data driven insights
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Bot-ify Your Campus

Ivy is an artificially intelligent self-service chatbot
for colleges and universities.

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Where do Ivy Chatbots Work on Campus?


Your Admissions chatbot provides answers about application forms, program details, tuition costs, deadlines, and enrollment procedures, as well as collecting data to inform recruitment campaigns.

Financial Aid

Your Financial Services chatbot answers questions about scholarships, work study, grants, and loans as well as SAP guidelines, refunds, tuition payments, and other campus specific procedures.

IT Services

Your IT Services chatbot can help users access email, retrieve passwords, connect to wifi, install apps, setup printers and, if needed, instantly create work order tickets to be serviced by your team.
A chatbot answers questions day and night to help your campus be more responsive, productive, and current.

Career Services

Your Career Center chatbot answers questions about resumes, interviewing, career fairs, job postings, salaries, internships, co-op programs, and employer data.

Online Programs

Your Online Programs chatbot gives information about entrance requirements, deadlines, student services, scholarships, and can collect data for outreach campaigns.

HR, Student Affairs, Housing
& More

Chatbots can be created for any department to field the most popular and relevant questions asked by users on your campus.

Join the Ivy Chatbot League

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Ivy Ivy

“¡Hola! Me llamo Ivy.”

Did you know that Ivy speaks over 105 languages? From Afrikaans to Zulu, your chatbot will also be able to help your global student population. Ivy bots are able to automatically detect the written language and answer in the same native tongue.

Low Risk,
Fast Launch.

Good News! You do not need a PhD to have an Ivy chatbot for your department or enterprise.

Unlike other chatbots, Ivy does all the work and that means no development effort on your end.

Are you excited now!? Your implementation can be ready in as little as 3 weeks. You can start small and as your needs grow you can add other departments or start including access to data from CRM or other systems.

0 Development Effort
3 Week Implementation
0 Phds Required
Before using Ivy, navigating the career services website was a little tough because I didn’t always know where to find what I was looking for, which caused frustration and at times I didn’t want to use the site at all. After using the Ivy bot, things became much easier. The bot does the hard part of finding the information and gives it back to me promptly. Plus, it’s neat that the bot provides buttons about similar/related topics that may aid me in my search.
Eno I.
Eno I. Student, University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Personalization Through Integration

Easily integrate existing technology

BME Remedy
Service Now
HubSpot CRM
Last year we got software for live chat on our website and there were individuals manning it and I thought about how much more work that was for them. Our department was going through a restructuring and the call agents were in high demand. The first time I heard of a chatbot, I did a comparison to what we already had and saw how much better it is and that it can integrate with our own live chat if we needed it.
Pamela Lowrey
Pamela Lowrey Financial Aid Specialist,
Gateway Technical College

Inside Campus

Chatbots help students, staff and faculty communicate more efficiently. With a chatbot, information flow is unencumbered by hours of operation or personnel availability.


Outside Campus

Chatbots serve alumni, parents, prospective students and potential employers by providing a tool to stay informed, connected and visible.

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Free COVID-19 Response System

Schools and Healthcare Providers are facing an incredible communications challenge as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and we want to help. Until June 30, 2020, we’re offering a free COVID-19 Response System to help connect institutions and their users at scale. Online setup takes 10 minutes, and installation is as simple as pasting one line of code onto your website.

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