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We Save Universities Money

The AI chatbot built for higher ed, significantly reducing your call volume and streamlining enrollment

Meet Ivy

A World-class Chatbot in Minutes, not Months

Ivy starts where other chatbots fall short by building and updating knowledge automatically - no maintenance required.

New to chatbots? <br>
Not sure where to begin?

New to chatbots?
Not sure where to begin?

Learn more about the most common types of chatbots, and what to consider when selecting a solution that fits your needs.

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"Chatbots are hard to build and even harder to update."

Well, Not Anymore.

Bot-ify Your Content, Instantly

Our Deep Learning AI algorithm automatically extracts knowledge from your web pages, PDFs, directories, calendars and more.

Your content, combined with’s pre-trained question recognition engine, ensures that your bot is ready to work, out of the box.

Point. Crawl. Chatbot.

Plug-n-Play Integrations Your Customers will Love

Personalize the chatbot experience by integrating with industry-leading software solutions.

Turbocharge Your Bot with Content Packs

Fine-tune your bot's knowledge with industry-specific content packs. You can use the default knowledge within content packs customize it to fit your needs.

Delight your users with animated, multimedia tutorials narrated by your chatbot - an industry first.

Communication Channels For Every User

Put your bot on your website, social media, and other channels such as SMS, Amazon Alexa, IVR, and even your email inboxes.

100% Fidelity With Your Content.
Audited Daily.

Your bot continuously scans your web pages for new or modified content, automatically updating bot knowledge whenever new information is detected.

Receive a daily summary of new knowledge, modified knowledge, and any knowledge you should consider removing.

Plus, with Ivy it's easy to understand trends, add more answers, and modify knowledge as needed.

Built for the enterprise. Tailor made for you.

Everything you need to scale sales, marketing, service, support, and any other part or your organization.

Enterprise Live Chat

Enterprise Live Chat

Pass the conversation to your human experts on any channel. Leverage skills groups, intelligent, round-robin routing, and Ivy's AI-powered Agent Assist. Take advantage of powerful management tools and robust analytics to right-size your team during periods of high-demand.

Recruitment and Lead Generation in a Box

Recruitment and Lead Generation in a Box

Engage with your site visitors, collect their contact information, and integrate seamlessly with your CRM.

Multilingual, Like Your Customers

Multilingual, Like Your Customers

Ivy chatbots communicate in over 100 languages out of the box. And, you can manage all of your bot's knowledge in a single language.

Flexible Deployments for Any Organization

Flexible Deployments for Any Organization

Create one giant bot or spin up multiple Ivy bots to mirror the functional units of your organization. Link the brains together to deliver a unified customer experience.

Continue the Conversation Over SMS

Continue the Conversation Over SMS

Deliver timely SMS nudges and reminders with detailed help. Keep the conversation going, even when your customer is offline.

Instant Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Instant Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Ivy is the only chatbot that asks users to rate each question and each conversation. Use ratings to improve answers and fine tune the experience.

Accessiblity, Guaranteed.

Accessiblity, Guaranteed.

Not only is your chatbot ADA compliant, but it will also scan your website every day and inform you of any accessibility violations.

AI innovation with more efficient human intervention.
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