Meet the Ivy Chatbots

We are proud to partner with these campuses. They are a diverse bunch. You will see both public and private. Large and small. Colleges, universities, technical colleges, and community colleges. Regardless of their differences, what they all share in common is a commitment to bringing the latest in AI technology to support student achievement.

  • Rowdy

    Rowdy helps users in Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Services, IT Services, and Extended Learning at Northeastern State University Oklahoma.

  • NormBot

    NormBot in Financial Aid at University of North Carolina, Charlotte, helps users learn how to fund their education.

  • Brit

    Brit assists IT Services at Albion College by providing access to tech support at any time of day or night.

  • Aubie

    Aubie in Career Services at Auburn University provides information on resumes, interviewing, career fairs and employer data.

  • Careero

    Careero guides users in Career Services at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with career planning while in school and after graduation.

  • OwlBot

    Owl Bot in Bursar and Human Resources can authenticate identity with single sign on providing detailed, up-to-date, account information specific to the user.

  • Buzzy

    Buzzy in Financial Aid at Fullerton College gives materials, resources and support through the financial aid process.

  • Sammy

    Sammy in Admissions in University of North Carolina, Wilmington helps users with questions about requirements, applications, deadlines and campus life.

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