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Ivy supports superior patient care, efficient workflow, and cost reduction.

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Dr. Collins has appointments available between 2 pm and 4 pm on Thursday.

Patient Education and Support

Ivy provides 24-7 patient education by consistently and accurately answering questions about medical terms and procedures. Meet your patients' needs, while freeing your team for higher level care.

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Remote Monitoring and Patient Self-Care

By connecting to medical devices, Ivy alerts patients when health data changes. Ivy also prompts behavioral interventions. Your chatbot can also alert providers to facilitate additional follow-up when needed.

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Outreach and Engagement

Ivy was awarded an NIH grant to improve remote collaboration with patients facing financial, educational, knowledge, and other barriers to health care. Our SMS feature enables mobile phone communications that improve patient engagement and compliance.

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Streamline Office Workflow

Ivy can automate scheduling, process cancellations, and help patients reschedule appointments. Ivy can also remotely collect patient intake information.