Meet Ivy.

Powered by AI, customized for your campus’s needs, Ivy chatbots …

Make Information More Accessible.

Ivy aggregates all the forms, manuals, guidelines, calendars, websites and campus resources, so answers can be retrieved and delivered on demand.  Users have 24/7 access to accurate content at their convenience via a variety of channels.

  • Lisa Meckley

    Director, Office of Enrollment Communications, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Ivy engages students in a manner they are familiar with, conversationally and like a real person. Our students appreciate how easy it is to use!

Increase Productivity.

Ivy learns the most popular and critical questions asked on your campus and provides the answers, saving time and decreasing redundancies. Users get results instantly to their queries and avoid campus runaround.

  • Jeff Sackaroff

    Associate Director of External Relations, University Career Services, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Ivy provides a reassurance that students are pointed in the right direction, even when we aren’t there.

Modernize Your Systems.

Ivy improves communication, workflow and engagement while reducing costs. Users are empowered to get what they need for immediate gratification.

  • Michael Laughter

    Educational and Outreach Communication Manager, Center for Career Discovery and Development, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Chatbots just make sense. They’re the perfect instruments to use when you have a lot of student questions. Ivy liberates advisors from answering simple questions over and over, allowing them to save energy for the hard work.

Meet Ivy.