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Now Available: Enhanced Help Center

The following updates have been made to the Help Center: 

  • A side panel will replace the redirected Help Center page
  • A Video Library will be added to the Help Center

Currently, when users click the Help Center button in the top right of their screen, they are redirected to a separate page. Following the Help Center enhancement, rather than a separate page, a panel will appear on the right side of the screen when the Help Center button is selected.

In this side panel, by selecting the Tickets tab, users can view the status of their submitted tickets or open a new ticket. A Search feature will be added to allow users to search by ticket name. A Filter feature will allow users to filter by issue status or date range. 

Web 1920 –4

If users select a previously submitted ticket from the list, the ticket details will be displayed in the side panel. If emails or messages were exchanged between the client and the team regarding the ticket, the message history will be displayed here.

When the team takes action on a ticket, the Help icon will display a red dot to alert users. The Help Center side panel will update as well to show an update has been made to the ticket.

Web 1920 – 2

Additionally, a Video Library will be added to the Help Center. Users can access this feature by selecting the Video Library tab in the side panel. The Video Library will include tutorials on various help topics.

Web 1920 – 3


If you have questions regarding this system enhancement, contact your representative or email