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We love working with our clients to develop new tools! We’re excited to launch the Ivy Email Center that we developed in partnership with Texas A&M University. Texas A&M identified a need for email efficiency, and we are happy to deliver! We know that your time is precious and that your students are your top priority, so we developed an email center to elevate the customer service experience for both administrators and students. is launching a new, efficient Email Center for higher education

It is common knowledge that busy academic administrators are often inundated with emails from students and their families. Often, they spend copious amounts of time addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs), an important, yet highly redundant activity, that can be streamlined. With the Ivy Email Center, you will be able to send quick, personalized email responses and save valuable time.

Our Email Center provides several options to address each email:

Automatic Responses

When a student emails a FAQ, such as “What is the FAFSA?” you can have a pre-written email automatically respond, almost as if the student is talking to one of our bots. As a higher education administrator, you will not have to address these initial inquiries at all, while your students will get an immediate, friendly, and professional response. The Ivy Email Center will effectively clear out your Inbox!

Email Templates

Our Email Center can also help you increase efficiency when responding to more specific and personalized questions. For example, when a student emails you to find the status of an application, refund, or a hold on their account, the Ivy Email Center will provide a template. You can simply fill in the blanks. This eliminates the need to copy and paste standardized email templates or draft a new response to each email, and you are still providing exceptional customer service!

Internal Routing Capabilities

As questions get more complicated, you may want to reach out to another administrator. Perhaps a student has asked to be connected with their advisor or asked a question that needs to be addressed by another department. With the push of a button, that student’s email will be forwarded to your colleague’s inbox where they will be notified and given the same templated options to help them respond.

The Ivy Email Center allows you to provide personalized, consistent, and efficient attention to all of your students while saving your administrators time to tackle more complicated tasks.

As academic institutions continue to grow, administrators must be able to provide quality customer service in addition to their day-to-day tasks. Our Email Center addresses the effects of seasonal rushes and is an excellent tool to use in conjunction with an Ivy chatbot. To learn more about the Ivy Email Center and Ivy chatbots, schedule a demo today!