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How to Make Your Chatbot Irresistible

Students want to find answers as quickly as possible. Chatbots are great for that. Students also love excellent customer service. Chatbots are great for that too, but how do you make sure your students’ experience with the chatbot is memorable?
When applying for college, sometimes a single interaction becomes the foundation for student decisions. Your chatbot should represent your culture just as any interaction with an employee would. It is up to you to craft your chatbots identity. It can be a human, an animal, or even an imaginary creature. Choose something that students can immediately identify with your school. Here’s a few ways to make that happen.

1. Use Your College Mascot

One of our most successful bots in this realm belongs to Texas A&M: Miss Rev. Miss Rev, a beautiful purebred Collie, has a deeply rooted history with Texas A&M as she has been the mascot since 1931. She is recognizable all around campus and comes to life as the school’s chatbot.

Students love interacting with Miss Rev. We see questions such as, “What type of dog are you?” and “How does a dog type on a keyboard?” Students are drawn to the bot because of her identity, and they follow up with serious questions about financial aid, career services, and more.

Miss Rev maintains her branded identity by beginning each conversation with “Howdy!” Students tend to mirror this in their responses: “Howdy Miss Rev!” This certainly creates a memorable experience as students can say that they “chatted with Miss Rev” which encourages other students to seek out the resource.

2. Select a Creative Design

Some schools choose to utilize a unique character for their bot. California Baptist University’s “Cool Lance,” for example, is modeled after their signature athletic hand-gesture. Cool Lance is recognizable and in-line with the school’s culture while giving the bot an identity unique to the mascot. His icon is simple enough to be recognizable, and his name is quirky and inviting.

Whether your bot is based on an existing mascot or a new character, you’ll need to choose an image to represent it. Remember, your bot appears in the corner of the page, so this image will be small. Make sure the representation is clear. This is especially important when designing a new character or condensing a mascot to a small, but recognizable form.

3. Keep it Simple

For some schools, the best strategy is to keep it simple, and this works really well too! Some choose to use their logo or another significant symbol to draw attention to the bot. In this case, the name of the bot is often a callback to the mascot (i.e. Temple University’s OwlBot) or the school name (i.e. Yale University’s Yale Career Bot).

Remember, this is only a guide and introduction to some of our most common college chatbot branding strategies. We love creativity, and we are happy to work with you to make your chatbot stand out. Click the button below to take a sneak peak at what your design might look like on your website.