Meet Ivy.

Unique Users

Track how many users the chatbot is serving.


Track how many correct answers are given with each interaction.


Track how the chatbot intelligence expands and deepens over time.

Top Intentions

Track which questions are most frequently asked by your users.

Hours of Use

Track when users are on to see the impact of providing 24/7 service.


See how helpful the chatbot is at answering user queries.

  • David R. Glezerman

    Assistant Vice President and Bursar, Temple University

    In just 4.5 months, we’ve had over 12,000 hits with 97% accuracy — that’s how I know the bot is actually working because I would have never have believed that we had that many people coming onto our site.

    To have the hits is one thing, but now we know what they are looking for. This is giving us a lot of good feedback. We are taking real data to customize what we are doing and how we are doing it to meet their needs.

Meet Ivy.