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Better Questions with Query Suggestions

Introducing Ivy’s New Query Suggestion Tool

Let’s face it, sometimes our users don’t ask questions in the way we expect them. Their questions often have typographical errors or even use different terminology. In these cases the bot, of course has a greater likelihood of failure … but not anymore! Today, Ivy launched a new query suggestion tool to help solve this problem.

Generating a list of the most likely phrases or questions has long proven useful in improving the user search experience. Think about Google. As you type, Google continuously refines the search results matching the best possible queries. Suggesting alternative queries helps users with typing longer queries. But it is not just about saving time. It also helps users express and refine their request and simultaneously correct their typos!

Now, with your Ivy chatbot, as users type a query, a dropdown list appears above the search box with five suggestions of popular and specific queries.

Providing and Ranking Relevant Suggestions

Good query suggestions ensure the best results. Our query suggestion is based on questions previously asked by users. Misspellings are automatically detected and revised to ensure the quality of the query. We also prevent offensive language from appearing in the dropdown list.

The way in which we display the suggestions is as important as how we generated them. We rank the suggestions of queries based on popularity. The most popular query asked by users will appear at the bottom of the list of query suggestions. It provides a more convenient way for users to pick their query. Here is an example:

Customizing Query Suggestion

Query suggestions are customized for all chatbots. Automatic query suggestions are generated for each bot, so the suggestion list can be different for different schools and departments. For example, when we type in “what is”, a financial aid chatbot will show:

Protecting Personal Information

All queries that contain personal information such as name, phone number, id number will be marked as a confidential query and removed from the result source. We keep your information secure.