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8 Critical Features to Ensure Your Chatbot’s Success

Whether you already use an Ivy chatbot, or you’re just exploring the benefits of bringing Ivy to your website, you benefit the most by knowing what Ivy can do for you. Most of us know that an artificially intelligent chatbot offers real-time service to users. Chatbots resolve a high volume of inquiries on their own, and enable your staff to deliver significantly improved service. But did you know that Ivy can help with your marketing and social media communications? Ivy can help drive your productivity in a number of ways that you might not have expected.

1. Live Chat

Occasionally, your chatbot may be unable to provide the best information to your user. Rather than referring users to other communication channels such as email or phone, you can configure Ivy to immediately connect them with a live agent in real-time. Your agents receive an inbound notification just like a phone call, and the user experiences a seamless transition. Your agents begin the interaction with the advantage of context, reducing the time required to reach resolution. Improve your department’s performance with Live Chat, and never miss an opportunity to resolve your users’ questions.

2. SMS Nudging

Did you know that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes? Oftentimes, people disregard and ignore emails, but a text message can get their attention. With Ivy, you can automatically send text messages to all of your users at scale. The text messages can serve to provide reminders of upcoming deadlines or outstanding tasks, but they can also engage with the user to create appointments and service requests. Ivy’s SMS Flow Builder gives you the ability to create and manage messaging sequences that help to automate your outreach. Text messages can be scheduled ahead of time or sent manually. Taking advantage of this feature can reduce the occurrence of missed appointments and deadlines, saving time and money, and improving your user’s overall experience. It can even help reduce Summer Melt!

3. Facebook Integration

Ivy chatbots support cross-channel communications, allowing you to integrate with Facebook Messenger. Ivy will respond to inquiries sent to your Facebook business page and seek the assistance of your staff on an as-needed basis. This also helps to create consistent messaging across your communication platforms. Ivy’s conversational marketing techniques are relevant and engaging, boosting retention and lowering the cost of acquisition. You can link your Facebook ads directly to your Ivy chatbot to engage interested visitors and optimize your ad spend.

4. CRM Integration

Ivy will engage with all of your inbound users to qualify (or disqualify) them for your targets. With each interaction, Ivy catalogs data that can be mapped to your CRM or other systems via API. You can use Live Chat tools to follow the same rules established in your CRM for routing tasks and conversations. After the session ends, Ivy can follow-up with your leads via SMS text message to provide information on promotions or next steps. Any inquiries generated in response to the SMS text message will be answered by the chatbot.

5. ERP Integration

Organizations can integrate Ivy with their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to connect users with information across multiple departments. Too often, students encounter silos that restrict their access to information. For example, agents in the Office of Financial Aid are unlikely to be helpful in answering questions about registration. However, when you integrate Ivy with your ERP system, it can access and deliver information specific to as many business functions as you’d like. Additionally, you can use Ivy to create forms that cultivate information from registered users, which is subsequently delivered to appropriate business systems. This enables your users to stay more informed without consuming as many resources across your business enterprise.

6. SIS Integration

Similar to ERP Integration, a simple API can connect your users to highly specific account information while interacting with Ivy. This is made possible with a simple API that connects Ivy to the desired Student Information System (SIS) which houses the requested data. For example, when Ivy is integrated with Banner, users can ask the chatbot for their account balance or other information specific to that system. Next, Ivy prompts the user to authenticate. Upon successful logon, Ivy retrieves real-time data from the SIS and returns it to the user. With SIS integration, you will delight your users by providing all of the information they need in a single touch.

7. Inbox Zero

This feature is a component of the Admin Portal, and it helps to ensure that your bot is providing the best information over time. Behind the scenes, Ivy continuously analyzes and categorizes the questions your users ask, while fetching data from connected systems and your website. If the information is unavailable, administrators receive a new inquiry in their Inbox Zero. Your responses to these questions fill the gaps for your chatbot, but more importantly, they teach Ivy how to answer similar and related questions in the future.

Here’s an example of the information delivered to Inbox Zero when the chatbot could not locate an answer:

8. Pathways

Ivy does more than provide canned, generic responses to your users’ questions. By collaborating with users to create new “knowledge” pathways, Ivy chatbots become smarter and more inquisitive over time. For example, if a student asks “What financial aid is available?” then an established pathway enables Ivy to ask whether the student is interested in scholarships or subsidized loans. With the additional interaction, Ivy can deliver the most relevant and accurate information possible.

Ultimately, chatbots from don’t just provide customer service to your users; they connect your departments, systems, and platforms to capture and deliver information in a way that wasn’t possible before. If you’ve already signed-up, take advantage of these features and accelerate your progress to your goals. If you haven’t signed-up, and you think an intelligent chatbot could be helpful to your department, click here to schedule a free demo.

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