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Peer to Peer 2.0: How Reviews Disrupt the Customer Journey

Most everyone is familiar with reviews and use them on a daily basis to influence their consumer behaviors. In this session, we are joined by subject matter experts from G2 and Reputation to discuss the importance of reviews in the buyer journey and throughout the customer experience. We will discuss how various industries view reviews, and how they provide unmatched value for both end-users, and SaaS buyers alike.

Hot topics covered include:

  • Why “5-star” ratings are not necessarily your biggest value add
  • Reviews are not just for external purposes
  • How reviews impact end-users’ organic searches
  • The big debate: Are reviews about selling or listening?

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Jason Fife

Director of Marketing,

Katlin Hess

Head of Customer Marketing, G2

Sion Owen

Director of Product Marketing, Reviews, Surveys, Reputation

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