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How TCCD Leverages AI to Meet Students Where They Are

This webinar discusses the implementation and use of their AI chatbots and discusses the benefits for both the institution and students alike. We will examine how this tool has been leveraged throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and how it translates into the future ‘new normal’ as well as how community colleges are embracing digital transformation.

The Tarrant County College District chatbot network aids lead collection for prospective students and offers 24/7/365 support for many of the most commonly asked questions. Students are able to speak with the various bots for help with highly specific questions and receive personalized answers. TCCD bots currently offer support with admissions, registrar, financial aid, business services, advising and IT help desk. Join this session to learn how TCCD uses AI to offer expanded support at scale, and meet students where they are.

What you'll learn:

The importance of paying attention to transactional AI data

How Tarrant County College District used rich data insights to solve specific problems

The impact TCC's advising bot had on remote work

Why rich data helps institutions do more with less

This session is most useful for:

Academic support services

Student services


Registrar's office

Financial aid

Watch the on-demand webinar by filling out the link below.

Mary Frances Coryell

Chief Revenue Officer,

Rebecca Griffith

District Director Administration and Records, Tarrant County College District

John Spencer

District Director Registration and Academic Support Services, Tarrant County College District

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