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Examining Wayne State College’s Cultural Shift in the Digital Student Journey Using AI Technology

This webinar examines the cultural shift toward digital transformation that enhanced access for students at Wayne State College. We will discuss which tools were implemented, pre-Covid project goals and intentions to reduce tier-one calls and emails, and current initiatives in play to leverage AI data cross-departmentally to meet student needs.

We will break down the steps WSC took to implement AI into their communications mix, ultimately leading to an increase in overall student touchpoints despite challenges faced in 2020. We will detail why students prefer certain communication modalities, and how to adapt to those expectations. In this panel-style discussion, WSC implementation team members will dive deep into the challenges they faced throughout this project, as well as the successes they celebrated.

Lastly, they will detail the next steps as new student needs have surfaced. Learn why regardless of size, institutions can be reactive to AI transactional data and identify service gaps to meet student demands in a 24/7/365 service model.

What you'll learn:

How AI helps institutions adopt a 24/7/365 model

Why staying on top of student insights is vital to improving the campus experience

The ROI institutions can gain through departmental siloes

Results Wayne State College achieved through its chatbot implementation

This session is most useful for:

Student services

Information Technology departments

Financial aid departments

Watch the on-demand webinar by filling out the link below.

Mary Frances Coryell

Chief Revenue Officer,

John Dunning

Vice President for Information Technology, Wayne State College

Jeremy Nelson

Director of Information Systems and Application Services, Wayne State College

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