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Use a Chatbot to Send Important Messages to Users

Sometimes a message is so important that you need to broadcast it across all of your communication channels. One example is the onset of the Coronavirus in early 2020. Many institutions are working proactively to prevent the spread of this illness and limit its impact on their communities. You can use our chatbots to help get the word out – here’s how:

Method 1: Create a Chat Notification

The first way to deliver a message to every chatbot user is to create a custom notification. Upon interacting with your bot, users will see a notification at the top or bottom of the chat window (depending upon your preference) which displays your message. You can set the notification to be clickable, yielding more information within the chat window.

Step 1: Log-in to the Admin System

Step 2: Click the “Bot” tab on the left and scroll down to “Settings” (under “Customization“)

Step 3: Next, click “Settings” next to the cog on the upper toolbar

Step 4: Scroll down to the “Notifications” section and configure your message
(you’ll be prompted to save any changes)

Step 5: Now, any text you saved in the “Notification message” field will be displayed to all users. You can set whether the notification appears at the top or the bottom of the chat, and whether clicking the notification yields more information within the chat. You’ll need to use the “Name” displayed in the top field when viewing the intent (i.e. system:psa:corona-virus).

Here you see the notification displayed at the top of the chat window. Clicking the notification yielded more information because an intent was specified in the “Take to intent” field.

Method 2: Modify Your Introductory Sequence

Another way to send important information to your chatbot users is to modify your introductory sequence. The introductory sequence is what governs how your bot will engage with users upon introduction. For example, your bot might default to say “Hi, I’m MegaBot, and I’m here to answer your questions. How can I help?” As an administrator, you have the ability to modify this message as you see fit.

Step 1: Log-in to the Admin System (same as above)
Step 2: Click the “Bot” tab on the left (defaults to “Intents“)

Step 3: Click “Custom Intents” and navigate to System>intro>introductory-message to display the intent (note the intent “Name” at the top of the field)

Step 4: Update the message windows to deliver information as you see fit. Changes will be automatically saved, and your bot will begin engaging with users with the information you provided immediately.

Method 3: Create Relevant Intents

More savvy users may prefer to build knowledge in their bot’s brain related to the subject matter. For the coronavirus, we’ve already done that part for you. Now, if anyone asks an bot about the Coronavirus, here’s what they’ll see:

Clicking any of the options displayed will yield more information to users. Administrators can create their own intents following steps 1 & 2 from Method 2 above, and then clicking “Machine Learning” (instead of Custom Intents). From there, click the blue “+” icon in the circle to ask the kinds of questions you’d like to address with new intents. Simply follow the instructions to add new intents, but keep in mind that this is an advanced function and you may wish to consult with a team member at for assistance.