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A Virtual Tap on The Shoulder

The Ivy Chatbot’s outbound SMS nudging allows you to send text messages autonomously to all your users at scale. Need to remind someone of an upcoming deadline or prompt someone to complete a task? Your bot works for you!

Text message campaigns can be run on set time frequencies triggered independently by changes in your underlying data or manually by you.

Ivy’s SMS Flow Builder allows you to choreograph sophisticated messaging sequences to guide your users through a process. Connect multiple flows like building blocks to automate your entire outreach process.


Hey Mark,
Just a quick reminder that your health forms are due next week.I’m here if you need anything.

I have a question...

1% 90%

of text messages

are read within

3 minutes

Reach The Unreachable

Your users are inundated with marketing messaging. They have become desensitized to emails and often ignore them. Text messages get attention and your Ivy Chatbot will bring your message front and center.

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Reduce Missed

Getting your users to show up for appointments or events can be tough. Worse yet missed appointments waste time and money. With automated text reminders, your bot will increase your conversion rates and delight your users.