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SMS Texting

Ivy gives students at colleges and universities a better way to interact with your departments across campus on their mobile device.

AI Powered Mobile Messaging for Higher Education

Give users the personalized experience they want from the convenience of their mobile device. Deploy inbound SMS campaigns to generate more leads, enable service activation, and launch profiling campaigns. Respond to inbound texts automatically with the help of your chatbot or direct inbound messages to a Live Agent. Develop a cadence for your campaigns, which you can run manually or periodically based on a set schedule.

Get Students Answers at Their Fingertips

Ivy offers real-time support to students at any hour on their mobile devices, to help them stay connected to every department on campus. Ivy is a frictionless platform that understands natural language questions in over 100 languages, providing students with fast, consistent, and accurate answers so they can move on with their busy schedules. In addition to the custom-built knowledge provided by, our Content Packs boost your bot’s knowledge to include common topics across higher education.

Create Smart Inbound and Outbound Campaigns

SMS nudging allows you to create outbound campaigns that send texts to students at scale. Set reminders and notifications to keep students on track so they never miss a deadline. Two-way texting allows students to reply to nudges while seeking all the information and help they need through their mobile device.

Improve your admissions funnel

Use target messaging to answer student questions in a timely manner using workflows that increase conversions and improve retention across campus. Ivy chatbots pay attention to the whole conversation, and understand every last detail so students never have to repeat themselves. This allows students to chat the way they would with a human and move their way down the funnel.

Drill down on students with greater need
Ivy’s SMS campaigns allow you to do more with less. Instead of placing hundreds or thousands of outbound calls, institutions can send a mass text message to students who missed an application deadline or payment and find students who need more help. This allows you to give more personalized attention to the right students while allowing your staff to work more efficiently.

Leverage AI technology to help students and improve collaboration across campus

  • Understand department-based questions out-of-the-box
    Ivy has already been trained to understand countless department-related questions. This enables your chatbot to provide instant answers to your students over SMS from day one.

  • Institution-Specific Properties
    Ivy learns answers to questions specific to your institution, such as application requirements, timelines and named entities.

  • Campaign metrics
    Administrators can see performance details and improve messaging through analyzing what’s working and what’s not.

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