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scaling operations

Ivy grows with you

Automate interactions across your communication channels to scale your operations and maximize efficiency

Automate more support as you scale

Traditional customer care requires time, money, and staffing resources. But as your business grows, this can put a big strain on your team as they struggle to keep up with the demand. By automating more of your services, you can ensure that every customer gets the support they need, even as you continue to grow.

Scale your organization to meet the needs of your customers today and tomorrow with efficient and reliable automation.

Consultative and Reliable Support Tools

Ivy chatbots leverage the most advanced AI to understand more questions, communicate in more than 100 languages, interpret context, and automate more support.

Team coordination tools

Keep productivity high by automating your Email Center. Ivy can automatically answer incoming emails and route others to experts based on the subject matter.

Multilingual support

Support customers from around the world. Ivy chatbots can detect, interpret, and communicate in over 100 languages.

Inbound and outbound tools

Leverage SMS and deliver notifications to customers with simple automation. When more help is needed, customers are connected to a Live Chat agent for additional support.

Content Management Tools

Use Brain Scans and Inbox Zero to identify gaps in content on your website so you can deliver accurate, succinct information with minimal human intervention.

Multi-channel Support

Reach your customers in the way they’re already most comfortable interacting: via SMS, web, email, and social media. self-learns and stays relevant

With Ivy's self-learning technology, your chatbot keeps improving. This means less human intervention in the long run and more happy customers.

Ivy understands context

Ivy chatbots analyzes an entire conversation with the help of Contextual AI and is fluent in more than 100 languages.

Ivy empowers users to seek more answers

AI Chatbots, Live Chat, and Connected Messaging provide more tools in one place for users to find the information they need, resulting in fewer phone calls and emails. provides actionable insight

Learn alongside your chatbots.’s Inbox Zero provides a summary of missed questions so you can identify gaps in knowledge on your website and make updates accordingly.

Explore how Colorado State University provides personalized service at scale with AI.

How ivy helps

Give every department the tools they need to support your customers best.


Nurture prospects and leads before you ever get on the phone. With the help of Live Chat and Agent Assist, information about your organization is readily available online and easily digestible.

Billing and Payments

Engage with customers via Ivy chatbots when it comes to routine billing and payment questions. Route users to their payment portal for streamlined transactions.

IT Support

Troubleshoot technical issues online and record commonly missed questions. Streamline communication between human resources, professional development, and recruiting.

Customer Service

Resolve common user issues with a streamlined customer service department that leaves your customers feeling satisfied. Collect meaningful data with the help of Inbox Zero to add frequently-searched-for information to your site.

With, there’s no limit to your growth potential.

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