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Capture and Qualify Leads

You’ve spent tons of time and money getting people to your website….only to fill out a form. Ivy allows you to meaningfully engage with all your visitors. Your Ivy bot will qualify (or disqualify) your inbound visitors to ensure you are focusing on the best targets.

Hi Mark,
What is your job title?
of Operations
Got it. What's the best e-mail to reach you at?

Meet Ivy.

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"Sales Mgr"



Actionable Data
at Your Fingertips

As your Ivy bot engages with visitors, it is actively collecting data. This data can be mapped to custom fields in your CRM or other internal systems. Information is exchanged via API webhooks.


Hi, I'm Ivy.
How can I help you?

Live Agent Routing

Ivy’s enterprise-grade live chat tools allow you to route conversations with the same rules
you’ve set up in your CRM. Create an unlimited number of skills groups and configure sophisticated routing rules to ensure the fair and accurate distribution of live chats.

Agents can simultaneously manage multiple conversations across web, SMS and Facebook Messenger – all within the Ivy Administrative Portal.

See Ivy in Action


Miles James Miles James 46
Karla O’Brain Karla O’Brain 44
Chi Nawyen Chi Nawyen 45

Customer Service

Samantha Samantha
Edward Edward

Continue the
Conversation over SMS

Conversations with users shouldn’t stop after they leave your site. Your Ivy chatbot will seamlessly
continue the conversation over text message giving you the ability to automatically reach out to users when there are sales or promotions or so that they may take the next step in your process. When users ask questions over SMS, the bot will reply autonomously!


Thanks for visiting our site today. I’m here if you have any questions…

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Schedule Meetings and Demos

The Ivy chatbot is your personal scheduling assistant. Ivy puts an end to the email back and forth and frees you up for more value-added tasks….like your job.