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Release Notes

Review recent release details and stay up-to-date with what's new.

Coming Soon

New Inbox Zero is Here!

We are thrilled to announce that changes to Inbox Zero have arrived! Following this initial release, expect to see enhancements including Activity History (previously called “Change Logs”), Webpage Filters (ability to view questions asked per webpage), and User Rating resolution (removes a question from the User Rating filter once an answer is verified). Stay tuned for more updates!

Recent Released

Review Deleted Questions
When administrators delete questions in Inbox Zero within the Admin Portal, the associated label set and answer are preserved. Now, administrators can review all deleted questions in Inbox Zero and restore them if needed. Read more in our Knowledge Base article.

Connect your Google or Microsoft Calendar
Now you can connect your Google or Microsoft calendars to your chatbot, enabling your end users to schedule appointments with your team members while chatting with your bot. Read more in our Knowledge Base article.

Automatically Detect Potential Threats
Now administrators can identify trigger words and phrases that send automated alerts to designated officials. End users do not know when they’ve triggered an alert, and administrators can review more details within the Admin Portal. Read more in our Knowledge Base article.

Updated Chat UI

We’ve updated the look and feel of the chat user interface. All of the same features and functionality are supported with this new UI, and there’s no impact on your team or your end users. The updated UI is part of our continuous effort to deliver a best-in-class product for our partners and their users.

Real-time Chat Widget Previews for Admin

While administrators have always been able to update their chatbot’s branding (colors, avatars, shapes, etc), now Administrators can view changes to their chat widget and chat window in real-time within the admin portal. After logging in, navigate to Settings > Channel Settings > Web and now you’ll see a live preview when toggling between “Widget Customization” and “Chat Window Customization.” This live preview enables administrators to preview changes in real-time, making it even easier to customize your chatbot’s branding.

Additions to Knowledge Base

We’ve added many new articles to the Knowledge Base within the admin system. To access the Knowledge Base, log in to the admin system and use the App Switcher in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Select the Knowledge Base icon, and use the chatbot widget in the lower right-hand corner to find help with specific topics.

Updates to Tables

This is a cosmetic change that updates the look and feel of all tables within the admin system to be more consistent and user-friendly.

Changes to Report labels in the Reporting Dashboard
We’ve updated the look and feel of the reports within the Reporting Dashboard, including some updated labels (names) for each report.

New App Switcher

You may recall the ability to toggle between the Admin Portal, #CampusClear, and the new Knowledge Base in the lower left-hand corner of the admin console. We’ve added a new App Switcher in the top right hand corner of the console. Click there to toggle between various apps within the console.

Search Enhancement to Knowledge Base

Now you can use the chatbot widget in the lower right hand corner of the Knowledge Base to search for help with issues or administrative activities. Results will point administrative users to content within a Knowledge Base article.

Various Usability and UI Fixes

With this release we’ve also address miscellaneous bugs and UI issues.

Changes to Automatic Intent Verification
We received great feedback during the Introduction to New Inbox Zero webinars about resolving poor user ratings once an administrator has addressed the rated question. This enhancement removes all questions have have been verified by your team from the “Poor” user rating filter. You’ll still be able to view the rating history within the transcript reports. Additionally, if a question is “unverified” by your team, we’ll stop the automatic verification for that intent to ensure it does not get auto verified by mistake. Please continue to provide feedback as this enhancement would not be possible without it!

Brain Scan Fixes to Intents Search with Special Characters
This is an enhancement to our Brain Scan tool. Previously, the tool did not allow administrators to search with special characters, limiting the ability to perform a thorough look-up of you bot’s content. With this enhancement, all special characters are searchable when using the “Free Text Scan” search filter.

Correct Format of Date in Transcript Plain Text
This enhancement translates correct formatting for transcript dates in plain text reports.

Webhook Integration Fix for Duplicate Calls to API
In some cases, when a specific event triggered our webhoook configurations, our system would make duplicates calls to the platform with which our system was integrated. With this release, we pushed an enhancement that eliminated the duplicate calls being made.

Fix for Data Lake Export URLs
Administrators will now have the ability to access the Chat URL start and Transcript URLs within the .csv export o the Data Lake without receiving an error.

New Inbox Zero

We’ve moved Inbox Zero to the main menu and consolidated tools for adding answers more efficiently than ever! Now, all questions submitted to your bot will be visible on a single page that can be filtered by work mode, answer confidence, user rating, date, and more. Additionally, more questions will be automatically verified by your bot, allowing your team to focus on the most important questions.

Knowledge Base

Administrators can navigate to a brand new Knowledge Base within the Admin System. Just click on the Knowledge Base icon in the lower left-hand corner of the Admin System to review helpful articles and resources. Today, you can find guidance on using Inbox Zero, labeling questions, and using Markdown to format bot responses. We’ll continue to add more resources here, so stay tuned!

Fix botlist table in manage users
When editing administrator profiles’ access to certain bots, this enhancement improves the loading of all the Bot results within our database. This allows for a quicker load time and an overall better user experience. This enhancement also updated the horizontal scroll so that it’s no longer required to scroll to the right to select bot access.

Add in Chat ID column to Transcripts tab
We’ve added a conversation’s Chat ID into the Transcript and Ratings report so that it will be easier to locate a specific conversation using a unique identifier. The Chat ID is clickable, allowing administrative users to quickly and easily access the chat transcript.

Deploy AI v9
This is the deployment of our bi-weekly training of our AI model!  Our Data Scientists train the AI on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that the AI is functioning as efficiently as possible.

Transcript report enhancement
We’ve updated our transcript report so that your team can view more reliable and accurate data.  Before this enhancement, when filtering for “Live” transcripts — only the conversations that involved a live chat agent would populate the report.  Now, when filtering for “Live”, your team will be able to view all conversations that occur within the Message Center and a live person.  This includes SMS conversations and Facebook Messenger.

Contacts/SMS Enhancements
With this enhancement, users will be able to apply multiple filters to their contacts for different variables, such as “Program of Interest” or “Application Status”. Based on the filter criteria, a new contact list can be created and/or the selected contacts can be added to an existing list. Additionally, within the SMS Campaigns tab, when creating a new Inbound or Outbound campaign, the same filters can be applied to contacts and a campaign can be sent to the selected contacts without creating a new contact list.

Transcript Variables for Webhooks/Integrations
With this enhancement, the team will be able to easily send transcript URLs or transcript plain text bodies within webhooks and integration configurations. This will streamline integration requests and/or integration updates when our clients request the ability to access a conversation transcript within their ITSM, CRM, SIS/ERP, LMS, etc. Stay tuned for DIY documentation!

Add Label Request Option to Ticketing
In preparation for our new maintenance updates, we’ve added an option to our Help Center for Label Requests as an issue type. Clients will now be able to request help when labeling and/or request for the team to create a new label.

Ontology Intent Presented in Search
This enhancement disables any ontology intents from being presented in search results when using the Intents tab and/or searching for pointers. Only bots with inherited ontologies will have search results when applicable.

Deploy AI3 V7
This deployment is the re-training of our AI model! Our Data Scientists train the AI on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that the AI is functioning as efficiently as possible.

Feature & Email Center Automatic Responses
Developed for Texas A&M Financial Aid, this update enables administrators to preview autoresponder responses before actually sending to users. This is especially helpful when clients may not be 100% confident in their bot responses to emails. They can now decide whether or not the autoresponder response is strong enough to send. If not, they can create intents within their bot’s brain so that next time the autoresponder response will be strong enough to send automatically.

Email Center Autoresponder Toggle
The Email Center autoresponder is not automatically enabled for all bots. To enable the preview of automatic responses, you’ll first need to navigate to the bot for which you’d like it enabled. Then, go to Settings > Admin > Turn on “Show EC Recommended Responses.” You may need to refresh your browser for the option to display in the Admin System.

New Intent Editor Changes
This is another deployment in anticipation of and preparation for a new intent editor in an upcoming release.  There are no UI or functional changes with this update.

Live Agent Chat Integration with Slate
We’ve completed another Slate integration! This integration is for Ohio University Admissions. When a live agent finishes a conversation with an end user, they will be prompted to complete a Live Agent survey. Once the survey is submitted, the information is posted to Slate.

Refactoring of Email Storage / Collection
This fix refactors the storage of Email Center emails so that our database is not overwhelmed, enabling emails to be stored in the Admin System. We experienced a recent error where one client stopped receiving incoming emails to their Email Center inbox. This hotfix resolves this issue and prevents future issues like it.

July AI Questions Report Script
This is a script written by our data scientists to test new automation for auto-verified questions. In anticipation of the new VQL release, we’re preparing and testing new AI automation for submitted questions and intentions to our bots.

Feat/Redux Store Types
This is an internal deployment with various fixes involving a dispatch function.

Deploy AI3 v6
This deployment is the re-training of our AI model! Our data scientists train the AI on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that the AI is functioning as efficiently as possible.

Remove old AI (gensim)
We’ve removed the old AI options within the Admin System that have been deprecated and/or are unused.  This includes the Admin settings options:

  • Enable Tags AI
  • Enable Legacy AI
  • Tigger:Semantic Matching (Similar Questions)
  • Trigger: Semantic Matching Direct Questions (Similar Direct Questions)
Sandbox Link Not Displaying Chat Widget
This is an error that was a result of the new Settings release. The sandbox URL would not display the chat widget unless the domain was updated from to Now, both employees and clients will be able to directly access their bot from the sandbox URL in the Admin System.

Fix Dev Sandbox Inconsistencies

As a result of removing the old gensim AI and refactoring, there were some inconsistencies with bot performance within the development environment and production environment. Some examples are IML not functioning properly.  This task was a bug fix for those issues. Email Mobile Rendering Issue emails sent to clients were being cut-off on mobile devices. The header graphics were only half visible on Android and iOS and they are now updated so that mobile views are consistent with all other views.

Admin Role/Permission Access for Inbox Zero
When new clients are added to an Inbox Zero group, they did not receive access to Inbox Zero. Now, clients will be able to access Inbox Zero with or without being added to a specific group.

AI Refactoring (part 1 of 2)
In anticipation of our upcoming VQL release, we’ve been working to refactor our AI to improve overall performance as well as enable new automation in upcoming releases. All of these changes are internal.

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