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Efficient, Smart Cities​

Government-run agencies provide vital public services. Transform user experience at the local, state, and federal level and increase productivity as an organization.

AI Chatbots for Government Agencies

Streamline channels of communication so users can access important information about your municipality wherever they are. Answer common and customized questions 24/7 year round using Ivy’s robust AI toolkit including Live Chat, text updates, and self-learning technology.

Engage Community Members at Scale

Offer users real-time support via AI chat, Live Chat, and SMS. With the help of Ivy, community members can leverage AI technology to receive quick responses, submit requests, enroll in city programs. In turn, as an organization, you can provide better service in less time.

Meet Citizens Where They Are

Serve your community better with communication tools they can use at home or on the go.

AI Chatbot

Answer questions with customized responses in less time. With the help of AI technology, Ivy understands more questions, interprets context, and provides instant responses on virtually any channel.

Inbound & Outbound Campaigns

Inform the public about upcoming opportunities, events, and deadlines. Send information, reminders, and notifications over SMS to keep all of your users in the loop.

Multilingual Support

Ivy communicates in more than 100 languages to help organizations provide more equitable support. With a single language library, we’re able to leverage real-time, self-improving, and high-quality translation based on a single source of content.

Live Chat

Give community members the chance to connect with human-driven, AI-guided, on-demand supports across all channels of communication.

Missed Questions and Ticketing

Ivy bots keep track of missed questions with Inbox Zero, a tool that allows you to answer new questions once and for all. Escalate questions to subject matter experts on your team or to other departments. And, Ivy can generate new tickets for missed questions, ensuring users get the answers they need.

Leverage AI technology to serve citizens and improve your online presence.

Multi-channel Capabilities

Contact users via the channels they’re already most accustomed to. Ivy is compatible with Facebook, SMS, email, your website, and more, which makes it simple to set reminders and relay personal information quickly.

Self-learning Technology

The more users engage with Ivy bots, the more they improve. The more sophisticated their library of public sector terminology becomes, the better the experience your users will have.

Real-time Reporting

Understand which topics your users ask about the most, and make adjustments to your content accordingly. Not to mention, Ivy's administrative portal offers robust reporting that helps you understand how your bot (and your team) is performing.

Actionable Insights

Then, use this data as an indicator of which information may be missing from your current website and how best to integrate it into your web content. This level of insight makes it possible to prevent questions before they occur.

Our services

Learn how Ivy helps you get ahead


Give patrons a simple way to search for jobs and check the status of their application. By interacting directly with the bot, users are able to get answers to personal information faster.

Health Services

Triage web visitors based on their medical needs with unbeatable efficiency. Connect community members with clinics, treatment centers, and COVID testing in their area based on their insurance. Based on user questions, point community members to additional educational resources online.


Guide community members to higher education opportunities and financial aid resources. Using Ivy’s AI Agent Assist, AI recommends responses to Live Chat agents to provide helpful, accurate, and accelerated responses.

Federal Agencies

Create a better user experience for citizens navigating unemployment claims, child and family services, and tax filing. Federal agencies like the IRS, FBI, and the Department of Labor can increase accessibility and efficiency with streamlined automated systems.

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