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ROI Opportunities in the Private Sector

Increase prospects and generate more leads with an automated chatbot service proven to drive business and boost revenue.

Engage Prospective Customers

Greet prospects with a better user experience from the moment they land on your website. Direct your customers to products and services specific to their needs based on customized questions and responses. With Ivy, you can answer more questions, improve customer satisfaction, and continue nurturing existing accounts.

Drive Revenue and Eliminate Redundancy

Go about business in a different way. With AI as your virtual front desk admin, you can reduce friction and eliminate role redundancy at your business. Guide your customers through the buying process so you can boost revenue while driving down ancillary costs. Improve your web presence based on the most frequently requested information.

More Tools to Drive Your Goals Forward

Ivy has the tools you need for increased customer engagement and enterprise scalability.

Live Chat

Give your customer service a human touch with AI-guided, on-demand support across all channels of communication.

AI Agent Assist

Guide Live Chat Agents with AI recommended responses. As users interact with your Live Agents, your bot continues to analyze questions and make recommendations to your agent, therefore standardizing responses and accelerating response times.

Intuitive Workflows

Help your users find the information they need in as few clicks as possible. Workflows can be customized for every page on your website, customizing the experience in a way that delights users and improves conversions.

Contextual AI

Ivy pays attention to the whole conversation, and asks follow-up questions to ensure its answers are precise, accurate, and helpful.

Email Center

Simplify incoming emails with routing and automation. Ivy can automatically answer most incoming emails and route others to designated subject matter experts for more efficient email management.

Ivy chatbots catapult your enterprise to a new level of customer satisfaction and profitability.

Expand your reach.

Get automated support on any communication channel. Ivy can be deployed on virtually any channel: your website, email, SMS text, Facebook Messenger, and more. Don’t miss an opportunity to provide instant answers and Live Chat support regardless of your customers’ preferred channel.

Connect with a global audience.

Detect and communicate in over 100 languages. uses the full power of Google’s advanced hybrid model architecture to advance both High- and Low-Resource Language translation. The result is an AI chatbot that provides unmatched support in over 100 languages.

Improve your digital presence.

With Inbox Zero, your team can easily address and manage questions that stumped your bot. After that, the bot will be prepared to answer that question in the future. Plus, Ivy includes all of the tools needed to quickly and easily add bot knowledge for any and all topics you desire.

DIY made easy.

In addition to simplified bot knowledge management, you'll have complete control over more than 100 configurable settings. From customizing your bot's branding to managing how it interacts with users and when, it's easy to deliver a sophisticated, tailored experience with Ivy.

Craft inbound and outbound campaigns.

Make information accessible with a simple text message and deliver timely nudges and reminders. Disseminate tailored outbound text campaigns to nudge users and keep them on track. When replying, users can navigate a Guided Flow, talk with your chatbot, or even be connected to a Live Chat agent for more support.

Offices & Departments Supported By Ivy.a

Ivy scales with each department as your enterprise grows.

IT Support

With Ivy, your IT department can service more customers in less time. Ivy automates routine tasks and creates tickets for the questions it's unable to answer for hands-on, human intervention.

Human Resources

Field questions from prospective job candidates and ongoing employees. HR departments are often inundated with repeat questions about benefits, time off, insurance policies, and more. Live Chat and AI Agent Assist offers HR a quick and easy way to respond to inquiries.


Optimize your campaigns strategy and penetrate new markets with’s inbound and outbound marketing capabilities. Leverage SMS as an inbound communication channel supported by automation, Live Chat, and detailed workflows. Then, on the outbound side, deliver tailored outbound text campaigns and nudge users to take the next step along the buyer’s journey.

Customer Service

Scale in-house support as you grow or leverage call center operations. Resolve common user issues with a streamlined customer service department that leaves your customers feeling satisfied. Collect meaningful data with the help of Inbox Zero to add frequently-searched-for information to your site.

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