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New PeopleSoft Integration Provides Secure Access to Student Information is excited to announce a new integration with PeopleSoft that allows students to access personalized information using their school’s authentication method.

Colleges and universities are tasked with the unique challenge of reaching an audience of one at scale. Our PeopleSoft integration provides a seamless and secure solution for your school.

With this integration, when a student requests personalized information from our chat bot, their GPA for example, they will be redirected to their school’s single sign-on (SSO) platform to enter their credentials. Upon authentication, the school will redirect them back to the chat bot window. The bot can then retrieve and provide the specific student’s information.

Our PeopleSoft integration meets students’ growing expectations for access to personalized information on demand. They are guaranteed ease of use and secure transmission of their sensitive data by utilizing the school’s SSO. will not have access to student login credentials as all authentication takes place on the school’s platform.