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New: Can Build Your Automated Bot in Minutes

If you’ve ever tried to bring real change to your contact centers, you’ve likely come across a chatbot or two in hopes of automating some of your current workflows. Good automation allows you to pull employees away from doing redundant work, such as answering repetitive questions or pointing them to resources on your website and allows them to take a more consultative approach – resulting in better customer satisfaction.

With more organizations realizing the power of chatbots, it’s not a matter of if, but when chatbots will become a mainstream technology. A recent report suggests that conversational AI could become a $1.3 billion market by 2025, with the potential to dramatically reduce business costs while driving up employee productivity. Yet many chatbots on the market either require an extensive amount of customization or aren’t sophisticated enough for many of today’s business challenges.

To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce the first bot that builds itself in minutes with best-in-class accuracy. By leveraging self-building bot technology, Ivy makes it possible to build pre-trained, conversational chatbots that know your unique content in minutes and stay up-to-date with your evolving web content.

Your new favorite co-worker, no coding required

Ivy’s new technology automatically generates questions and answers in mere moments, building bot knowledge directly from your website, your knowledge base, and other documents. It delivers a custom solution with preloaded training data. This eliminates the need for long questionnaires or templates that require heavy, ongoing maintenance. 

Deploying the bot is simple. developed proprietary Generative AI Technology and packaged it within an easy-to-use browser extension. Once loaded, all it needs is a URL to scan. While the bot ingests knowledge from the provided URL, you have the opportunity to customize its look and feel with an avatar, colors and styling to match your brand, and more. You’ll also be guided through a few options to customize your end users’ experience, such as setting up custom introductions that prompt users to click buttons for help with hot topics, and adding standardized knowledge as desired.

Once it’s ready, the bot will continue reviewing your site on a daily basis at the time of your choosing, and automatically update your bot’s knowledge whenever it detects a change. Additionally, you’ll be notified of any content changes so you’ll always know when the bot’s knowledge is updated. 

Here’s why customers are already raving about Ivy’s recent changes.

  1. Easy to install – With a simple browser extension, setup is guided by an intuitive assistant to get businesses up and running with complete, custom bot knowledge without months of training or professional services.
  2. Out-of-the-box solution – Your bot is trained by over five million questions and counting, so it can recognize natural language questions from an organization’s users immediately. The bot also generates questions automatically based on the website’s information.
  3. Automatic updates – Ivy notifies you of any content changes throughout the bot’s daily crawl so you’ll always know when the bot gains more knowledge. This verifies that your bot is increasing its brain capacity on a daily basis.
  4. Web Accessibility – Ivy also scans your web properties for issues related to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), alerting you of any issues that may need your attention.

Get started

You can start making a difference for your organization today. Our bots are pre-trained by over five million user questions and counting, so your bot will be ready to go in no time. Speak with an representative today to see Ivy in action.