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New Enhancements to’s Admin System Settings

To improve navigation and streamline customization, system settings within the Admin System will be upgraded. Learn more about these features below.

Tutorial Video and Recorded Webinar

Click the image below to watch a brief overview of the changes to the Settings interface.

For a more in-depth look at the Settings updates, watch our recorded webinar.

Sleek Interface

Current setting options will be consolidated into a single location in the Admin System. Access these settings by navigating to the left side of the Admin System and selecting the Settings button. From here, users can access various setting and sub-setting options from the menu.

Current location of settings:

Redesigned location:

Search Feature

Users can find specific setting selections using the new search feature. For example, to access all avatar customization options, type “avatar” into the search bar located at the top of the Settings menu. A list of applicable settings will populate to the left of the menu.

Note that there are two search methods within the search bar:
1. Fuzzy: based on text entered into the search bar; search results will not be exact
2. Exact: enter “!” before text to locate exact search results

Permission View

Users can view access levels within the Manage Admins tab in Settings. Users with Manager access level can view and edit other users’ permissions.

Widget Design

As users customize their widget, changes will display in real-time via the chatbot sample in the lower right corner of the screen.

Amazon Alexa Integration

Users can integrate Alexa into their chatbot via self-serve method rather than submitting a request to To configure this capability, navigate to Settings > Channel Settings > Amazon Alexa.

Please visit the Help Center within the Admin System if you questions regarding the above changes or to submit a service ticket.