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Say Goodbye to Outdated Information with Brain Scan from

Brain Scan was recently updated with brand new features! Click here to read more about these enhancements.

We’ve all been there. You went straight to the source for the answer to your question, however, upon finding it you learned that it was outdated. From past deadlines to broken links, outdated information is rarely helpful. For those that have invested in Artificially Intelligent Chatbot technology, it can be particularly frustrating to see their Chatbot return unhelpful information to users. With’s Brain Scan tool, you can say goodbye to outdated information once and for all.

How Brain Scan Works

Brain Scan automatically scans every intent within each chatbot’s brain to check for broken links and past dates. All of the results are organized into a dashboard on’s Admin tool. If a date has passed or if a link returns an error code, administrators are notified so they can quickly and easily review, edit, and replace any bad information.

How to Use Brain Scan

To get started, open the Admin tool and click the “Bot” icon in the main ribbon (along the left side of your screen). Then, click on “Brain Scan” under the “Brain” section.

From there, use the top ribbon to sort between URLs, Dates, and other options. Every relevant intent within your bot’s brain will appear in each category, with any broken or outdated intent sorted to the top.

For bad URLs and past dates, use the “New URL” field and “Apply” button to replace an old URL with a new one.

Use Brain Scan to Make Your Own Changes

You may have noticed that the top ribbon includes options to update email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and even free text. These options are helpful if you know that a specific piece of information has changed. For example, if the phone number for your department just changed, clicking on “Phone Numbers” in the ribbon will display all intents containing a phone number. If there are many results, use your browser’s “find” feature (‘CTRL + F’ for windows or ‘CMND + F’ for mac) to quickly locate the relevant information. Make the necessary changes and voila! “Free Text Scan” allows you to search for and replace specific phrases, which can be helpful if a process or procedure has changed.

Brain Scan Helps Your Website, Too

Of course Brain Scan’s primary function is to help manage your chatbot’s brain, but it also alerts administrators of issues that need attention on their website. If a link to a third-party student resource has changed, for example, Brain Scan brings it to your attention. After updating the intent, be sure to update the old information on your website. From broken links to pages that provide important deadlines for students, updating your website will help to ensure that your users are connected with the information they need.

Brain Scan is Just One Feature

Chatbots built by include a wide variety of powerful tools and features. In addition to AI Chat, you can utilize Live Chat, SMS Texting, Message Center, Email Center, Tutorial Maker (coming soon), and our Mobile App to make the most of your interactions with students. You can learn more about how our chatbots work here. If you think an intelligent chatbot could be helpful to your department, click here to schedule a free demo.

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