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Using SMS Text to Capture Student Intent

Forecasting: it’s essential to every business, and that includes institutions in the business of educating students. From enrollment to event management, a clearer picture of your students’ intentions helps to facilitate better planning. One such example is front-and-center in the wake of COVID-19 closures and contingency plans. Will prospective students still attend in the Fall? What if the campus remains closed, and the classroom settings remain online? Do students value the flexibility, or is the on-campus experience simply too important?

These are just a few examples of the important questions students are contemplating. A national survey by Art and Science Group, LLC found that 35% of polled prospective college freshmen are considering a gap year, while another third expect to enroll in a part-time bachelor’s program. Here’s a complete picture of the survey results.

In the same survey, respondents also conveyed that they are considering options closer to home, as well as less-expensive alternatives. It’s important to remember that these results are not one-size-fits-all. For one thing, the results are based on fewer than 500 responses. Beyond that, institutions vary, and along with those nuanced differences so, too, do their applicant pools. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t ignore that students are considering other options.

Still, Higher Education institutions don’t have to stay in the dark. SMS Text messaging is a great vehicle for reaching prospective students, and is an excellent tool for better understanding your student population when paired with a Guided Flow. In addition to walking students through complex processes, Guided Flows help to collect and index their responses. Guided Flows are 100% customizable, and can be configured to connect students with your school’s chatbot or a Live Agent when certain conditions are met.

Moreover, any school can take advantage of’s guided flows through June 30, 2020. To help schools manage the many challenges imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak, is providing a Free COVID-19 Response System that includes access to the SMS Texting system. If you have a Trumpia or Twilio account, connecting it to is as simple as entering your account credentials (if you have neither, you can contact us for a locally-hosted account).

Once set up, create a campaign, customize a guided flow to collect information from your students, and start communicating! Guided flows can be triggered by both out- and in-bound messages. To get started, download our Quickstart Guide to SMS Texting and Guided Flows.