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The only Self-Building
and Self-Updating Chatbot

Show Your Bot What To Learn

Ivy learns from your unique content sources such as your websites, calendars, and 3rd party software solutions.

The result is a custom chatbot that thinks the way you do.

Sit Back While Your Bot is Built Automatically

Our Deep Learning AI algorithm scans your content and automatically builds your bot’s brain on the fly - in minutes.

Combine that with Ivy's pre-trained question recognition and conversation engine, and your bot will work out of the box with 100% custom content.

Turbocharge your bot’s brain and add personality

Boost knowledge with Content Packs, curated collections of standardized knowledge with universal answers like Small Talk, Financial Aid, and more.

Completely customize your bot's branding, add and modify as much bot knowledge as you'd like, and give your bot the personality that feels like you.

Deploy on your strategic channels

Deploy your bot on strategic channels including web, Facebook, SMS, Amazon Alexa, and Email. Yes, your bot can even autoreply to emails with your custom answers.

Ivy Stays in Sync

Last but not least, your bot will continuously scan your web properties to detect changes and automatically updates its knowledge.

You'll receive a daily report that summarizes new knowledge, modified knowledge, and any information you should consider removing.

How Ivy helps

Connect with more users in less time with a chatbot built to grow with you

Deliver a Superior User Experience

Deliver a Superior User Experience

Deploy Ivy on all of your communication channels to ensure that your users gain access to consistent information based exclusively on your content sources. With advanced NLP and intuitive workflows, Ivy delivers an unmatched user experience.

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Reduce Your Costs

Reduce Your Costs

Ivy chatbots deflect a high volume of inbound inquiries and eliminate inefficient touch points. From day one, you’ll save money with a flawless implementation that scales your business. From there, take advantage of easy-to-use tools that grow your ROI.

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Repurpose Your Time

Repurpose Your Time

With all of the time saved by your chatbot, you can deliver more value to your users when it counts. Allocate more time for consultative services, improving your service model, and identifying new ways to achieve a competitive advantage.

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Increase Your Revenue

Increase Your Revenue

Your chatbot will help to generate more leads, and the data it gathers will also help you convert more prospects faster than ever. By streamlining more touch points with your users, Ivy adds value where it really counts: your bottom line.

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Ivy is simple to install. Simply copy and paste. With a single line of HTML code, Ivy will automatically appear on your website. Ivy is 100% white-labeled and customizable.

Bots are bound to get stumped from time to time. When this happens, you have two simple options: have your users submit a ticket or route them to one of your live agents. This also prompts your team to easily add knowledge so that the bot never gets stumped by the same question twice.

Accuracy is our top priority. Ivy leverages human-supervised machine-learning algorithms based on your unique content, custom-labeled by our data curation process. As a result, Ivy delivers bots with unmatched self-learning capabilities.

Ivy has an extensive library of integrations with your other in-house systems. Ivy connects with each of these systems to deliver accurate, real-time, personalized responses directly in conversation, and send data back to each system. Single-sign on ensures a seamless experience for personalized support with topics such as account balances, application statuses, and more.

Ivy's data curation process gathers, tests, and analyzes your data as our bots crawl your web pages. We retrain our AI model routinely and enhancements are human-verified so you can count on your users receiving the most accurate information.

AI innovation with more efficient human intervention.
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