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How AI Chatbots Improve the Summer Festival Experience

Good weather typically leads to an increase in citizen engagement and nights on the town. For the local governments, the start of warmer weather means it’s festival and event season. 

Citizens typically enjoy Summer festivals because they provide a chance to socialize, appreciate the weather and get quality entertainment without taking a long drive or spending top-dollar. However, without the right communication and planning in place, these events can become a hassle for your city and quickly go from pleasure to nightmare.

Fortunately, the advent of AI chatbots makes event communication easier than ever. By integrating your relevant data points into one communications platform, you can help your citizens understand and plan for any upcoming events in your city. 

Here are a few examples of how AI chatbots can help prove your overall Summer festival experience.

Traffic alerts

Most cities post on their Twitter accounts regarding road closures or other relevant traffic alerts. Yet in many cities, a majority of citizens either don’t use Twitter or aren’t following their city’s account, making it difficult to communicate relevant updates. 

A chatbot allows citizens to communicate on the channel of their choice and ask questions so they can plan their day if they aren’t planning to attend the festival. This prevents frustrating citizen experiences of sitting in traffic or an unnecessary trip, only to find their day’s plans thwarted. Chatbots help citizens plan their routes better and alleviate frustration for those looking to avoid the event.

Improved parking

One of the worst aspects that come with events for both attendees and non-attendees is the lack of parking that is typically available as a result of the space they take up and the attention it attracts. Anytime an event takes place, citizens are frustrated by an inability to find parking or overpay for it when a cheaper option is nearby.

Chatbots can help simplify the pain that comes with event parking. By connecting to parking sensors and your metering system, a bot could identify available spots and how much it costs at that location. This would not only provide citizens with more convenience but also decrease traffic on event days by lowering the number of cars circling blocks for available spaces.

If electric or plug-in hybrid cars are popular in your city, they can help citizens find places to charge their cars quickly and effectively. Citizen engagement is so much more than keeping your city safe and providing public services. It also requires communicating with citizens on their terms.

Helping your citizens find parking during Summer festivals is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to keep them happy this summer.


Food and giveaways are critical to any festival, and naturally, that creates a lot of waste. When citizens go to a festival, they don’t want to roam around searching for a trash can or recycling bin. Instead, they want an exact location to put trash in a place that’s easy to find. 

In addition, if the citizen happens to live near where the festival is taking place, he or she would expect to know if garbage or recycling pickup will be delayed. Typically, this information lives on a city’s website where citizens are unlikely to look and are just going to create questions. Providing this information automatically drastically helps reduce the number of inbound calls and emails your call center will receive.

First responder information

Anytime an event takes place, citizens need to know where first responders are at any time. However, finding one in case of an emergency can at times be challenging. Implementing a chatbot allows citizens to quickly get in touch via SMS, so help can instantly be available, no matter the crowd size. 

Summer festivals are one of the best times of the year for local governments. They help boost citizen engagement, bring traffic to local businesses and help cities put their best foot forward. But with the joy of those events comes plenty of hassle for citizens and government officials alike. 

Deploying chatbots to help alleviate some of this frustration can go a long way in creating an enjoyable experience for attendees and citizens who just want to get around the city. Bringing your government into a customer service mindset involves deploying state-of-the-art technology. Chatbots can ensure your local government is both innovative and helping citizens enjoy all their city has to offer.

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