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AI Innovation on Campus

Ivy gives students at colleges and universities a better way to get the information they need quickly, all in one place, unburdening your team and delighting students.

Trusted by these colleges and universities:

On Campus

Where’s the library located? How do I register for next semester’s classes? What’s the status of my financial aid application?

Students come to campus with lots of questions. Now, with Ivy, there’s a better way to field these questions and deliver customized experiences for every student’s unique situation.

And Beyond

Support your students wherever they are, dorm room to classroom, and on-the-go with AI Chat, Live Chat and SMS notifications.

AI Chat

Connect students with information 24/7 with the help of your custom-built virtual assistant. Ivy learns your unique content and stay up-to-date to deliver answers anytime, anywhere.

Live Chat

Answer student questions at any time of the day or night. Live chat lets you collect data about what types of topics your students want to learn more about.

Multilingual Support

Support students and families in a variety of languages. Ivy knows more than 100 languages, which makes fielding common students questions easier than ever before.

Student Nudging

Opt for outbound SMS nudging, which allows you to send text messages autonomously to users at scale. Set reminders and notifications to keep students on track.

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Inbox Zero

Effortlessly add knowledge when questions are missed so the bot becomes better equipped to manage similar questions in the future.

Multi-Channel Support

Reach your students wherever they are. Ivy chats with students over SMS, social media, your website, Amazon Alexa, and even your institutional email.


When chatbots do get stumped, Ivy includes a ticketing system that allows students to escalate unanswered questions. Integrate Ivy with your own ticketing system to create new support requests for a variety of topics.

Improve students’ user experience with an AI solution that gets smarter with every interaction.

Institution Specific

“Where’s the library located?”

Ivy learns the questions your students ask most and self-improves based on the information provided.


“What is my GPA?”

With Ivy, students take control of their schedules and academic success. They get all of the answers they need without the wait.


“When is the deadline?”

Asking about a specific form, process, or deadline? Ivy understands context so students can be specific in their requests and receive customized responses.

Always Learning

“Do you offer career services?”

Maybe students are asking questions that aren’t yet “findable” on your website. Ivy tracks missed questions so you can enhance your website with more answers to commonly asked questions.

Learn How Ivy Works

Walk through Ivy's functionality step-by-step so you can maximize chatbot, Live Chat, and SMS features for your users.

Guides and White Papers

Educational resources developed to help your continue innovating and meet more of your goals.

Explore Case Studies

Discover how we’re helping enterprises create better user experiences through AI automation.

Learn how Ozarks Technical Community College uses SMS to update students in real time.

Our services

A virtual help desk for every department on campus


Answer student questions about application forms, program details, tuition costs, deadlines, and enrollment protocol. Meanwhile, collect meaningful data to inform future recruitment efforts.

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Financial Aid

Provide information about scholarships, work study, grants, and loans, as well as SAP guidelines, refunds, tuition payments, and other campus-specific procedures.

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IT Services

Fulfill password reset and email access requests, connect to WiFi, install apps, and set up printers. If you need to troubleshoot with students, Ivy allows you to instantly create work order tickets to be serviced by your team.

Career Services

Assist students with answers to questions about resumes, interviewing, career fairs, job postings, salaries, internships, co-op programs, and employer data.

Online Programs

Inform prospective students about entrance requirements, deadlines, and student services, scholarships. At the same time, Ivy can collect data for outreach campaigns.

HR, Student Affairs, Housing & More

Ivy doesn't stop there. Chatbots can be created for any departments to field the most popular and relevant questions asked by users on campus.

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