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Our chatbot adds efficiency to the admissions process by answering questions about requirements, application forms, program details, tuition costs, deadlines, enrollment procedures and campus life. It even collects data to inform recruitment campaigns.

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Meet OU's SoonerBot, an Admissions Virtual Assistant

Highlighted Questions:

  • How do I apply for admission for the next semester?
  • Can I submit electronic transcripts?
  • Will all of my credits transfer?
  • Can I get in with the ACT score of X?
  • What are the admissions requirements for an undergraduate degree?

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Financial Aid

Your Financial Services chatbot answers questions about scholarships, work study, grants, and loans as well as SAP guidelines, refunds, tuition payments, and financial aid specific procedures. In addition, the bot helps students with complex processes such as the FAFSA application or filing an SAP appeal.

IT Services

Your IT Services chatbot can help users access email, retrieve passwords, connect to wifi, install apps, setup printers and, if needed, instantly create work order tickets to be serviced by your team. IT service bots provide tech support at any time of day or night. Your chatbot will be working 24-7, deflecting customer service requests before they’re escalated to a staff member.

Meet Iggy! Creighton University's IT Help Desk Bot

Highlighted Questions:

  • I reset my password and it still won’t let me in?
  • How do I get access to my email remotely?
  • Can I download Microsoft Word for free?
  • My browser isn’t working?
  • My computer is connected to my laptop but won’t work?
We partner with a lot of vendors and Ivy sets the bar for what we measure everyone up against now.
Steve Maaske
Steve Maaske Innovation Analyst, RADLAB, Creighton University

Online Programs

Your Online Programs chatbot gives information about entrance requirements, deadlines, student services, scholarships, and more. Ivy can provide information on course availability and scheduling options and can be leveraged to interact with prospective applicants to collect data in order to engage with them after they’ve left your website.

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Highlighted Questions:

  • Can you tell me how online courses work?
  • Do I have to come to campus for any of the online courses?
  • Do I have to commit to taking all of the classes online?
  • Can I live out of state and still complete an extended learning class?
  • What is the difference between fully online classes and regular classes?


Your Bursar chatbot can give specific account details, explain payment plans and late fees and give information on refunds.

Meet OwlBot! Temple University's Bursar's Virtual Assistant

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Your Registrar chatbot provides answers about finalizing registration, dropping classes, graduation requirements and requesting a transcript. In addition, the bot help students with questions about residency requirements, adding classes, it verifies registration and provides commencement details.

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Highlighted Questions:

  • What do I have to do to drop a class?
  • How long will it take to find out if my revision of record was approved?
  • What is the application process like for residency?
  • When is the graduation ceremony?
  • How do I check the status of my transcript request?
Ivy engages students in a manner they are familiar with, conversationally and like a real person. Our students appreciate how easy it is to use!
Lisa Meckley
Lisa Meckley Director, Office of Enrollment Communications, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Student Services

Your Student Services chatbot answers questions about bookstores, parking, student government and community involvement. The bot provides answers to questions about health and safety, housing and dining as well as religious communities and writing centers.

Highlighted Questions:

  • What sports can I play on campus?
  • I have a question about a form for an organization on campus?
  • How much is it to park on campus?
  • Where is the bookstore located?
  • Is it legal to drink on campus?

Academic Advising

Your Ivy chatbot provides answers about SAP, switching advisors, scheduling appointments, transferring credits, changing majors, academic resources and other campus resources.

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Chatbots just make sense. They’re the perfect instruments to use when you have a lot of student questions. Ivy liberates advisors from answering simple questions over and over, allowing them to save energy for the hard work.
Michael Laughter
Michael Laughter Educational and Outreach Communication Manager, Center for Career Discovery and Development, Georgia Institute of Technology