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Reimagined is an AI communications platform that connects your patients with answers when they need them. From intelligent Live Chat support to 24/7/365 access to integrated self-service tools, goes beyond the digital front door to support the entire patient journey.

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How do I request a prescription refill?
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To order a refill of your prescription, go to and enter your prescription ID. Follow the prompts to validate your request and have the refill sent to your preferred pharmacy.

Faster, Smarter Live Support

Seamlessly deliver consultative Live Chat support on any channel. AI guides your agents to deliver consistent responses more efficiently than before, making it easy to support multiple conversations at once.

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AI Data in Action

Receive real-time insight into the information that matters most to your patients. analyzes user activity to prepare reports that help guide your decisions. Understand information gaps, analyze trends, and make proactive changes that enhance the patient experience.

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AI That Never Sleeps

Connect patients with automated support anytime, anywhere with an AI chatbot. An chatbot consumes your existing content, ensuring that its knowledge aligns with your unique information. With a virtual assistant at their fingertips, patients have the tools they need to enjoy simple self-service on demand.

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Better, Faster Patient Support’s Live Chat and AI chatbot go beyond additional communication channels. Deflecting repetitive patient inquiries reduces contact center queues and abandonment rates. Patients receive automated support in real-time, allowing your representatives to provide in-depth care when it counts.

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Enterprise Support’s chatbots and communication tools support a wide variety of departments across the healthcare enterprise. Leverage to enhance IT support, human resources, recruiting, research, professional development, policies and procedures, and more.

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