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Responsive Patient Support

Ivy is an artificially intelligent chatbot that expands patient access to information, reduces staff workload, and scales institutional operations. Ivy empowers you to engage with your patients anytime, anywhere.

Your Patient’s Digital Front Door

Ivy learns the unique content of each organization, enabling you to deliver 24/7 service, enterprise-wide. By integrating with external systems, Ivy adds a personalized experience, retrieving patient-specific information, updating records as needed, and providing payment assistance. Ivy supplies you with tools to deliver on-demand answers, consultative Live Chat support, proactive reminders via SMS, AI answers to emails, and ultimately guide your patients along their journey.

Transparency and Accessibility

Your bot is always available—answering questions on multiple channels, conversing in over 100 languages, offering messaging tips to Live Agents, and providing a beacon to users seeking specific information on your website. Ivy is the team member that never sleeps, optimizing the patient experience to help you refocus your time on value-driving activities and strategic growth.

Tools that Expand Patient Access

Ivy’s full suite of AI tools guide patients throughout their healthcare journey, from first appointment to final billing.

Consultative and Reliable Support Tools

Answer common patient questions around scheduling, billing and treatment plans using 24/7 Live Chat and AI Agent Assist.

Team Coordination Tools

Optimize workflow and communication amongst patient support teams.

Multilingual Support

Support patient inquiries in more than 100 languages.

Inbound and Outbound Tools

Streamline patient communication and improve KPIs using SMS and push notifications.

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Content Management Tools

Bot knowledge will stay up-to-date with your web properties, and you'll have have access to tools that make it easy to add and modify knowledge.

Multi-channel Support

Deliver routine medical updates via web, email, and SMS.

Give your patients the interactive, responsive healthcare experience they’re looking for in just a few clicks.

Streamlined Administration

Allow patients to ask straightforward questions about who their provider is, where offices are located, the cost of services, and which services they’ll receive, all from the comfort of their home and prior to an in-office visit.

Personalized Care

Guide patients to individualized online resources, including their patient portal. Walk patients through their treatment plans and set proactive reminders to help patients manage their medications.

Transparency in Coverage and Billing

Deliver on-demand, consumer-friendly pricing estimates and authenticate user accounts with Educate patients about in-network and out-of-network costs, payer negotiated discounts, copays, deductibles, and payment options.

Compliance and Regulation

Provide patient information to healthcare providers and insurance companies in compliance with federal regulations and funding allocation, as outlined in the Consolidated Appropriations Act.

Offices & Departments Supported By Ivy

Communication and collaboration tools to assist at every juncture of the healthcare journey

IT Support and Internal Operations

Troubleshoot technical issues online and record commonly missed questions. Streamline communication between human resources, professional development, and recruiting.

Billing and Payments

Use Ivy to retrieve patient documents, view balances, make or schedule payments, and escalate billing-related issues.


Ease the selection process and new patient registration. Facilitate patient ratings and reviews as well as appointments, scheduling, and service escalations.


Determine coverage eligibility and procedure estimates. Claim submissions and monitor updates to coverage status.

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