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Guides and White Papers

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A Comprehensive Guide to AI Chatbots in Higher Education

AI is transforming higher education, proving to be a game changer for institutional purposes, student support, and instructional needs.

The Future of Higher Ed Report

The Future of Higher Ed Report takes a deep dive into understanding how recent graduates evaluate their experience in higher education, and opportunities for their

How to Select a Chatbot in 2022

Chatbots are dramatically innovating the world of business communications across a variety of industries. As customers demand more speedy, efficient means for problem

How Community Colleges Can Attract First-Generation College Students

Community colleges are struggling to attract first-generation students due to several barriers preventing enrollment

Mastering Scale and Adaptability with AI

Higher education during the age of the 4th industrial revolution is in a state of widespread and rapid change. Universities seem to be in a constant cycle of redesign, innovating, and transforming teaching and learning.