AI Communication Tools
for Government provides community members with accessible communication tools that enhance their relationships with local government. Whether connecting with Live Chat agents, receiving AI text updates, or getting 24/7/365 personalized support from an integrated AI chatbot, supports your community across every communication channel to deliver the information they need and build confidence.

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Hi, I’m Ivy. I can help with a wide variety of topics. How can I help today?

Where do I go to register my vehicle?

When is trash collection?

ivy bot

You can find the trash
collection schedule here.

Great, thank you!

Engage Your Citizens
at Scale

Connect your community members with real-time support via AI chat, Live Chat, and SMS text. Citizens can effortlessly interact with AI to receive instant answers, submit requests, and enroll in city programs, enhancing service and saving your time.

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Answers Anytime, Anywhere,
on Any Channel

Leverage AI to support citizens on your website, via text message, or even on Facebook Messenger or Amazon Alexa. Your community members can seamlessly transition from text alerts to your chatbot and again to live support, while your staff manages interactions within a single admin system.

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How It Works

Our proprietary technology digests the information in your existing resources, like your website, and we index the content to support Natural Language Processing. When a person asks a question, returns your content instantly. If the question doesn’t have an answer, users can submit a ticket or connect with a human. Our chatbots never stop learning, so next time someone asks about the same topic, your bot will be ready.

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Real-time Reporting
and Insights

Communicating at scale is only half of the challenge. Leverage’s reports to understand transactional data, such as when your community seeks the most support, what topics require assistance, and what platforms they prefer to use.

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