All of Your Favorite Features – On the Go

Our Mobile App is Here,
and it’s Free!

Now you can access our admin system from your mobile device. Users can view reports, update intents, manage Inbox Zero, and more. Every feature we offer is accessible on the app, giving users the flexibility to manage their bots wherever they might be.

Reports on the Go

Use the mobile app to view and customize your bot’s reports. You can also view the Heat Map of topics addressed by your bot, as well as transcripts, ratings, users, surveys, and more.

Mobile Bot Management

Our mobile app puts features such as Inbox Zero, Brain Scan, Bot Intents, and Custom Intros at your fingertips. Users can also modify bot settings, forms, integrations, and more.

Mobile Messaging in Real-Time

Use your mobile device to access and manage Message Center features such as Live Chats, SMS campaigns, Facebook messages, Email Center and more. There, you can route or respond to messages as they occur. You can also create and modify your administrative settings for Message Center.