For Healthcare Providers
Deliver Intelligent, Conversational Healthcare at Scale

To thrive in a value-based era, healthcare institutions must provide excellent patient care, reduce inefficiencies and manage costs. Our AI-driven communication tools optimize patient services by providing immediate answers to common questions, facilitating automated outreach initiatives, and triaging patient queries to the appropriate person.

With, Obtain Access to:
  • Customizable, Conversational AI Chatbots
  • Human-to-human Live Chat Platform
  • SMS Texting System
  • Omni-channel Communications System
  • Unlimited API Integrations
  • Dashboard Reporting and Analytics
How Helps:
  • Immediate, 24/7 patient access to common questions
  • Route complex patient questions to the appropriate human
  • Facilitate payment planning and payment collection
  • Automate patient outreach initiatives
  • Optimize patient services with data driven insights
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Enterprise-Grade Live Chat

Strategically Deploy Live Agents and Chatbots Throughout your Enterprise

Modern organizations have diverse communication needs and Ivy can be configured to maximize your success. Whether you deploy a chatbot to provide 24-hour customer service or you utilize on-call live agents to close consultative sales, Ivy has the answer.

Choose the best mode or combination of modes for your business.

bot 24-7
24-7 live agent
Live agent during business hours.
Bot after hours.
Bot with live agent fallback

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Make your Agents Bionic
with Ivy Agent Assist

Live agents have surprisingly low accuracy rates. Answers are often incomplete, inconsistent, or flat-out wrong. Your Ivy chatbot can intercept and evaluate any inbound message and present your agents with a recommended response.

Accuracy, consistency, and speed will improve and your agents will thank you.

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One System to Manage
all your Live Chats

Turbo-charge your agents' efficiency with a single unified platform for managing all of their conversations. Automatically recognize return visitors regardless of the messaging channel they utilized.

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IVY Features
  • Send Fill-in Forms and Files
  • Skills Groups
  • Intelligent Round Robin Routing
  • Canned Responses and Ivy Agent Assist
  • Custom Alerts
  • Automatic Greetings per Skills Group
  • Robust Analytics
  • Chat Holds and Transfers
  • Automatic Set-to-Away for Missed Chats
  • Custom Agent Avatars
  • User Demographics and Conversation Metadata
  • Custom Timings and Timeout Settings
  • User Queues

All the Bells and Whistles

Ivy's live chat has everything you need to replace your current live chat system. Ivy was created for the enterprise, supporting all of the complexity, without any of the hassle. Rich customization options give you all the flexibility you need and real time analytics will give management a bird's eye view of system-wide activity. Statistics such as chat volume, response times and agent ratings will ensure quality communications across your organization.

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Free COVID-19 Response System

Schools and Healthcare Providers are facing an incredible communications challenge as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and we want to help. Until June 30, 2020, we’re offering a free COVID-19 Response System to help connect institutions and their users at scale. Online setup takes 10 minutes, and installation is as simple as pasting one line of code onto your website.

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