Chatbot Features

State of the Art Deep Learning Algorithms

Ivy’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) is powered by a human-supervised deep learning algorithm called a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). Using a massive set of highly curated training data, Ivy is able to accurately predict what your users are asking and get them to the answers they need.

Unlike other chatbots, you don’t have to lift a finger. Ivy’s AI team will train and optimize your chatbot for maximum performance. This means the best possible results for you and your users.

Ivy Ivy

Personalization at Scale

Ivy has a deep library of integrations with your other in-house systems. Ivy knows which systems to connect to for a specific question and delivers accurate, real-time, personalized responses directly in the conversation.

Plus, Ivy integrates with your single sign-on provider delivering a seamless experience for your users.

The Ivy team does all the heavy lifting to connect to your external APIs and if we don’t yet have an integration for a certain service, we’ll add it.


Sure {{}} your account balance is {{account.balance}}

Meet Ivy.

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What is the average SAT score and what is the school code?
The average SAT score for the class of 2019 was 1350. Our SAT school code is 93525.

Human-like Answering

Ivy chatbots can understand and retain the context of a conversation. That means if a user asks a follow-up question, they don’t have to restate all of the keywords. Ivy will know exactly what they are talking about and answer immediately and accurately.

Ivy can understand complex questions with multiple topics and dynamically answer with a compound response.

Ivy can also respond with rich content types such as YouTube videos, images, and downloadable files. Your chatbot can send fill-in forms to your users and save the collected data directly with your in-house systems.

Your users ask questions naturally and Ivy responds effortlessly.

Ivy Gets Smarter Everyday

Ivy’s team of data curation specialists organize a growing list of over 20,000 topics. As new questions are asked to your bot, the Ivy team will identify new topics and instantly add them to your bot’s brain.

We’ll also review every interaction with your bot and ensure it’s providing answers directly sourced from your website. We’ll even provide you with an full audit trail so you can double-check our work.

Phone #
“What is the phone number of the library?”

Select and Create
Custom Tutorials

Using cutting edge text to speech algorithms,’s Tutorial Maker combines images, video clips, shapes, and animations to walk your users through complex processes.

  • 100% customizable
  • Branded to you institution
  • Closed captioning
  • 500+ Financial aid tutorials
  • 100+ Tutorials for vets and international students
  • Embed anywhere on your site

I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking.

Here's what I know about graduate school tuition:

How to Pay
Tuition Costs

Optimized Low-Confidence

If your bot isn’t confident about an answer, it provides users with multiple button options so that they can choose the most appropriate answer. Since Ivy identifies the topics in a question, we’ll connect them with the best possible related topics.

Ivy can also ask clarifying questions to ensure users are getting the correct answers.

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Your Chatbot. Your Brand.

Ivy is 100% white-labeled and almost everything is customizable, including the color palette, bot avatar, button labels, animations, and page positioning. Your brand will be front and center and the theme will be carried throughout.


Meet Ivy.

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Chat Transcripts after the Conversation.

At the end of a conversation, users have the option to email themselves a copy of the chat transcript.

As an administrator, you’ll have access to all the chat transcripts to ensure your bot is responding to your users accurately.