Chatbot Analytics

X-Ray Vision Into the Topics Your Users Care About

Since Ivy categorizes all questions according to their topics, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the activity in your chatbot. Ivy’s Topic Heatmap allows you to view all topics, by frequency, and drill-down to see co-occuring topics. You can even drill-down further to see the specific questions that were asked by users and switch time periods to understand how FAQs varied during different times of the year. Use this knowledge to fill gaps in your content and anticipate questions before they’re asked.

Financial Aid 4
Deadline 3
Dependent 3
In State 2
Tuition 1
Books 2
Calculator 1
Verification 1

Dashboard Insights

Ivy’s Admin Dashboard provides you with complete transparency into the performance of your chatbot. You’ll be able to analyze bot accuracy, high-usage periods, and statistics on devices and ratings. You can also specify the time period and export your results to a spreadsheet or your favorite business intelligence platform.

With Ivy’s Reporting API you can skip the exports and connect directly to our system to retrieve the data points you are most interested in.


Meet Ivy.

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Jeff Kruse Live Chat Agent
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Aimee Meredith Live Chat Agent
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Sara Ocampo Manager
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Michael Andrews Spectator

Live Agent Performance
at Your Fingertips

Monitor the performance of your support agents. See detailed graphs and charts with gross numbers on chats served, response times, chat durations, high-demand times, and chat ratings. Customize the time period, or filter the dashboard to show a single skills group or even a single agent. See who is the most productive and who delivers consistent results over time.

Review and Search
Chat Transcripts

Unlike other chatbots, Ivy provides you with all the details to ensure your chatbot is performing well. With Ivy, you have the ability to search conversations by chat rating and review any transcript, at any time. We believe that transparency is essential to improving bot performance and we’ll fix every bot response that does not live up to our standard of excellence.

See Ivy in Action

What is the last day I can apply for financial aid?

The priority deadline is March 1.

Jensen Collins
Jensen Collins Ivy AI Researcher
What are the walk-in hours?
Crystal D'Auria
Crystal D'Auria Ivy AI Researcher
Can I pay with a credit card?
Michael Eng
Michael Eng Ivy AI Researcher
When's the Engineering Career Fair?
Patrick Jefferson
Patrick Jefferson Bot Administrator
Will my classes transfer?
Jensen Collins
Jensen Collins Ivy AI Researcher
Crystal D'Auria
Crystal D'Auria Ivy AI Researcher

Keep Track of Our Maintenance

Your Ivy chatbot will get smarter every single day, but it isn’t magic. It’s a lot of hard work. Ivy has multiple teams working on your bot to make sure it’s learning. We categorize chatbot questions by topic, review the quality of the answers and fix anything that doesn’t look right. We’ll source every answer from your knowledge base and when we can’t find the correct answer we’ll route it to you using our patent pending tool, Inbox Zero.

But don’t just take our word for it. Use the Maintenance Audit Tool to make sure we’re keeping on top of your bot. View the entire process including who made updates, when they were made and what the update was. Easily override our updates if you feel there is a better way.