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How do Ivy Chatbots work on campus?


All of your campus resources such as manuals, forms, handouts, guidelines, calendars, web pages and videos are loaded into your chatbot.


Sample questions that are popularly asked among campuses nationwide are used to familiarize your chatbot with possible queries.


Once installed, your chatbot delivers custom answers for your campus. As your content changes, it detects updates and automatically revises answers.

How are Ivy Chatbots integrated on campus?

  • Your Website

    Your chatbot has “live” chat conversations from your campus website homepage.

  • SMS Text Messaging

    Your chatbot answers text messages.

  • Email

    Your chatbot receives and replies to emails.

  • Facebook

    Your chatbot responds to Facebook messages from your campus Facebook page.

  • David R. Glezerman

    Assistant Vice President and Bursar, Temple University

    One of our easiest conversions that we’ve ever done for any system or product in the 32 years I’ve been here.

How personal can we get?

With single sign on authentication, your chatbot can give detailed, up-to-date, account information specific to the user.  Ivy integrates with campus systems such as student information systems or learning management systems, allowing more information flow and personalization.

How do I know if it’s working?

Your chatbot has its own Analytics Dashboard, enabling you to track everything – in real time.

How do we work with Ivy?

  • Schedule a Demo

  • Create a Customized Chatbot Implementation Plan

  • Deploy your Chatbot

  • Optimize Chatbot for Performance

  • Increase Chatbot Knowledge

Meet Ivy.