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Use proactive and consultative user engagement tools with the help of Ivy’s Advanced AI, comprehensive reporting, and self-learning technology. Deliver instant ROI to your organization and boost customer satisfaction ratings.

Ivy Features

Knowledge Management Tools
with Actionable Gap Data

Grow bot knowledge using a streamlined missed questions system and pre-built knowledge libraries.

Inbox Zero

Effortlessly add knowledge when questions are missed. With Inbox Zero, your team can easily address and manage questions that stumped your bot. After that, the bot will be prepared to answer that question in the future.

Content Packs

Add complete knowledge libraries (including questions and answers) with ease. Content Packs deliver standardized knowledge for general topics such as FAFSA, small talk, financial assistance and more.

Custom Intro Sequences

Tailor the user experience with optimized introductions. can deliver varied introductions depending upon the URL on which a user initiates a chat. Configure your chatbot to offer the most frequently requested information on each unique page for a richer, more efficient experience.


Add entire question libraries, complete with answers, with a single click. Ivy’s Inheritance feature enables chatbot administrators to add knowledge from connected chatbots with the click of a button. The result is a chatbot equipped to answer any question its connected chatbot understands.

Data Sources

Connect external data sources for detailed, accurate answers. Ivy easily converts tables and lists into knowledge in your chatbot's brain, connecting users with the detailed answers they need.

Ivy Features

Consultative and Reliable Support Tools

Give your users the answers they need when they need them most.

Live Chat

Provide enhanced, more efficient human intervention. With Live Chat, connect users with members of your team on demand across your channels of communication.

AI Agent Assist

Guide live chat agents with AI-recommended responses. When users communicate with your Live Agents, your bot continues to analyze questions and makes recommendations to your agents, standardizing responses and accelerating response time.

Unlimited Seats

Unlike most SaaS solutions, Ivy empowers you to add as many administrators as you’d like. With an unlimited number of live chat agents, you can let your chatbot do the heavy lifting while ensuring users receive 1:1 support when they need it.

Ivy Features

Advanced AI

Automate support and minimize the need for human intervention. Deploy our self-learning bots to provide seamless customer support for more topics than any other solution out of the box.

AI Chatbot

Leverage the most advanced AI to understand more questions, communicate in over 100 languages, interpret context, and provide instant answers any time, anywhere, on any channel.

Training Data

Ivy understands more questions about more topics. Training data is what makes AI capable of interpreting meaning from natural language. Ivy's unique deployment provides a rich depth of training data to better understand your users’ needs.

Contextual AI

Ivy interprets context from user questions. While other chatbots can only pay attention to one question at a time, Ivy pays attention to the whole conversation, providing a more human experience.

Automatic Updates

Ivy stays up-to-date with your web content by continuously crawling your webpages. Changes are automatically incorporated into your bot’s knowledge, and you’ll receive real-time updates as bot knowledge is updated.

Ivy Features

Inbound & Outbound Tools

Streamline communication and improve KPIs with automation

SMS Text​

Ivy can communicate with users over SMS text, connecting users with conversational answers and detailed instructions on their preferred communication channel.

Text Nudging

Nudge users and meet them halfway with proactive text reminders. Text nudging is proven to be an effective method of improving outcomes.

Inbound Campaigns

Make information accessible with a simple text message. Provide users with a short code to connect them with a specific information, your chatbot, or even a Live Chat agent, all over text message.

Ivy Features

Team Coordination Tools

Give your customer service agents effective communication and customer support tools.

Email Center

Simplify incoming emails with routing and automation. Ivy chatbots can automatically answer some incoming emails, and route others to designated subject matter experts for more efficient email management.

Live Chat Collaboration

Develop skills groups for specialized support, and transfer chats seamlessly from one group to the next. You can also configure your chatbot to route conversations to the best group automatically to leverage support.


Chatbots don’t always know the answer, so Ivy includes a ticketing system that allows users to escalate unanswered questions to a member of your team. You can also integrate Ivy with your own ticketing system to elegantly create new support requests for a variety of needs.

Accessibility Compliance

Not only does Ivy continuously monitor your web content for changes, we also check for web accessibility compliance issues. This helps your team meet your commitment to making information accessible for all users. The best part? It's automatic.

Ivy Features

Multi-Lingual Support

Reach users in over 100 languages through streamlined language detection and communication.

Ivy uses the full power of Google’s advanced hybrid model architecture to advance both high- and low-resource language translation. The result is an AI chatbot that provides unmatched support in over 100 languages, automatically.

Ivy Features


Integrate Ivy's support tools and advanced AI across web, email, SMS, and social media, and more.


Give your visitors the information they’re looking for all in one place so there’s no need to sift through page after page of your website. Our chatbots are proven to drive leads, increase conversion, and improve access to engage with your visitors.


Deploy mobile messaging powered by AI to converse with your customers on the go, wherever they are. It’s succinct, effective communication at your customers fingertips.


Automate your Facebook inbox so you don’t miss out on customer inquiries. Dictate automated responses and facilitate human intervention when further action is necessary.


Manage all of your inboxes in one place. Easily connect Ivy to your departmental email, no matter which email client you use.

Ivy Features

Robust Reporting

Learn more about the user experience so you can improve access to information and services.

Chat Ratings

At the end of each chat session, users fill out a brief survey about their experience. Users can rate each bot response, then rate the entire conversation on a scale of 1-5. You can then leverage these responses to refine and improve your customers’ experience online.

Built-in Reports Dashboards

Ivy delivers dozens of reports to help you understand bot performance, agent performance, and operational progress. Reports Dashboards are easy to use and customizable, enabling administrators to gain detailed insights at a glance.

Weekly Insights Reporting

Receive real-time reporting about the types of topics customers are inquiring about most frequently and automatically identify opportunities for additional web assets.

The Data Lake

Ivy makes all of the data gathered by your chatbot accessible in a Data Lake. Administrators can access the Data Lake on demand to download customizable data fields that power their own insights.

Tech Spec ensures secure development practices in collaboration with next generation threat protection tools such as Bitdefender, Stackdriver, the GCP Security Command Center, and others.

Ivy meets and exceeds all critical compliance requirements including FERPA, HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR, PIPEDA, and other related compliance standards. Organizational data is protected with the help of continual security scanning across network, internet, endpoint, cloud, and application layers.’s cybersecurity program regularly conducts internal and external penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. follows a strict configuration management process, supported by extensive Q/A requirements including code reviews, testing, and additional testing, as needed.

Features that work the way your users do. Have questions? Let's chat.

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