For Healthcare Providers
Deliver Intelligent, Conversational Healthcare at Scale

To thrive in a value-based era, healthcare institutions must provide excellent patient care, reduce inefficiencies and manage costs. Our AI-driven communication tools optimize patient services by providing immediate answers to common questions, facilitating automated outreach initiatives, and triaging patient queries to the appropriate person.

With, Obtain Access to:
  • Customizable, Conversational AI Chatbots
  • Human-to-human Live Chat Platform
  • SMS Texting System
  • Omni-channel Communications System
  • Unlimited API Integrations
  • Dashboard Reporting and Analytics
How Helps:
  • Immediate, 24/7 patient access to common questions
  • Route complex patient questions to the appropriate human
  • Facilitate payment planning and payment collection
  • Automate patient outreach initiatives
  • Optimize patient services with data driven insights
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Free COVID-19 Response System

Due to the unprecedented communication challenges facing colleges and universities amid the COVID-19 outbreak, is providing schools with a customizable COVID-19 Response Bot, a human-to-human Live Chat platform, and SMS messaging system until June 30, 2020.

These services will be provided absolutely free of charge.

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