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Chatbots for Admissions Offices

Ivy gives students at colleges and universities a better way to reach your admissions department, unburdening your team while delighting your students.

AI Chat, Live Chat, and More for Admissions Directors

Streamline communication channels so staff can access inbound questions on any channel, from campus and at home. Answer your students’ questions 24/7/365, easily expand bot knowledge to answer more questions, connect over Live Chat and SMS, and benefit from self-learning technology. With Ivy, leave no question unanswered and repurpose your time.

A Solution for Departments of all Sizes

Ivy offers real-time support to students at any hour on their favorite channels, to help them stay on track with important deadlines. Ivy is a frictionless platform that understands natural language questions in over 100 languages , providing students with fast, consistent, and accurate answers so they can move on with their busy schedules.

In addition to the custom-built knowledge provided by, our Content Packs boost your bot’s knowledge to include common topics across higher education. Content Packs include video tutorials that walk students through processes on their own time in a medium they prefer.

Serve your students with communication tools that work in their dorm and on the go.

  • Multilingual Support supports students and families in a variety of languages. Ivy speaks 108 languages, which makes fielding common students’ questions easier than ever before. With a single language library, Ivy leverages real-time, self-improving and high-quality translations based on a single source of truth – your existing content.

  • Student Nudging
    SMS nudging allows you to create outbound campaigns that send texts to students at scale. Set reminders and notifications to keep students on track so they never miss a deadline. Inbound campaigns make it easy for students to send a text message for targeted help. Students can chat with your bot or speak with a member of your team all over text message.

  • Inbox Zero
    Effortlessly add knowledge when new questions are asked to help the bot become better equipped to manage similar questions in the future. Your bot becomes a valued employee that can keep learning with your team!

  • Multi-Channel Support
    Reach your students wherever they are. Ivy chats with students over SMS, social media, your website, Amazon Alexa, and even your institutional email.

  • Ticketing
    Ivy logs missed questions using a built-in ticketing system, allowing you to escalate unanswered questions to a member of your team. Integrate Ivy with the ticketing system of your choice to create new support requests for a variety of topics.

Leverage AI technology to help students and improve retention.

  • Understands admissions questions out-of-the-box
    Ivy has already been trained to understand countless admissions-related questions. This enables your chatbot to provide instant value for your institution on day one.

  • Institution-Specific
    Ivy learns answers to questions specific to your institution, such as application requirements, timelines and various admissions benchmarks so your students get the answers they need without the wait.

  • Contextual
    Ivy chatbots pay attention to the whole conversation, and understand great detail about specific forms, processes and deadlines. As a result, students can engage the way they would with a human and receive accurate responses.

  • Self-Learning Technology
    Watch your bot improve over time as students engage more with Ivy. The more sophisticated the Ivy bot becomes with your terminology, the better experience your students will have, and the more time your team will save.

  • Real-Time Reporting
    Get instantaneous feedback about which questions stump your bot compared to what it’s getting right. Impress your Provost and peers as the bot gets increasingly accurate over time, and gain a better understanding of when and how your students reach out, and over which topics.

  • Actionable Insights
    Keep your website up-to-date with the most important information to students. Chatbot data uncovers trending questions and topics from bot interactions. With Ivy, your admissions information will never go stale on your website, but instead, your website can prevent questions before they arise.

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