SMS Integration

AI Powered Mobile Messaging

97 percent of the United States’ adult population text message at least once a day. Deploy your Ivy chatbot as an intelligent assistant that can provide your users with effortless and seamless personal assistance at their fingertips.


Congratulations! You’ve chosen your new car! Let’s take a look at financing options. What is your ideal down payment?



How much could you afford for a monthly payment?

Power Marketing with
Inbound SMS Campaigns

Inbound SMS campaigns are often overlooked but they can be key tools for organizations to nurture relationships with customers and prospects on a personal level. Use your inbound campaigns to drive lead generation, enable service activation and launch profiling campaigns. Have your chatbot instantly respond to new inbound texts or route inbound messages to a live agent.

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Automate Your Outreach

Use your Ivy chatbot to engage with users after they’ve left your website. Choreograph text message campaigns to ask follow-up questions, send reminders or walk users through complex processes. Your chatbot campaigns can run manually, periodically on set schedules or triggered dynamically by underlying data changes. Best yet, all conversation data can be parsed into data fields and exchanged directly with your CRM or other in-house systems via Ivy’s API integrations.

"Hi Kevin! Are you interested in our program?"

Drag and Drop
Conversation Flows

The Ivy Flow Builder enables you to create completely customized guided conversation flows. These flows dictate exactly how a conversation will go, based on user responses. These can be used in both inbound and outbound campaigns.

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Linked Recipient Lists

Uploading lists of contacts can be cumbersome and time consuming. Unlike other chatbots, Ivy links directly to your CRM to pull the latest list of contacts, improving accuracy and decreasing the possibility of human error. Ivy can dynamically update your CRM lists as your users flow through your funnel.

Live Agent or
Bot Communication

You customize your SMS communication settings to best suit your needs. Since Ivy chatbots communicate through SMS in the same manner as other channels, you may choose to balance the text message volume between chatbot and live agents.