Email Center

Global Email Integration

Connect Ivy to your departmental email quickly and easily, regardless of your email client. Incoming emails are delivered to your Email Center where you can manage all of your inboxes in a single place. Use Email Center the same as any other client to craft and deliver responses to email inquiries.

Automated Email Resolution

Save time with automated AI. Your bot will analyze incoming emails and send automated responses. If your bot isn’t confident that it has the right answer, the email will be routed to your Email Center.

Refined Email Management

If you have multiple team members managing the same mailboxes, you know it can be difficult to define each team member’s responsibilities. With Email Center, incoming emails are assigned to specific team members for resolution. Team members can reassign messages to subject matter experts as needed.

Focused Email Messaging

Email Center makes it easy to send consistent and clear messaging from any number of users. Even when your bot routes the message to a user for handling, users will see recommended bot responses and pre-built templates that can be inserted with a simple click. You can modify and even create new recommended responses and templates for your team.

Custom Notifications

With the new admin system, users can set custom notifications for each feature they manage, including Email Center. Notifications nudge users to let them know about new assignments. Set priorities for each feature and never miss a beat.