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Multichannel Support at Your Fingertips

Help users engage in meaningful ways by establishing robust communication channels across email, SMS, web, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. Get customers the support they need and deploy powerful campaigns from a single unified platform.

— Web

Drive Leads and Conversions

Greet your visitors as soon as they enter your website. With so much content at their fingertips, users may feel overwhelmed. Luckily, with Ivy, you can provide every visitor with customized information. Drive leads, increase conversions, and improve access to information that will leave your users feeling delighted.

— Email Center

Seamless Email Integration

Save time and resources with email inbox automation. Your bot analyzes incoming emails and sends automated responses. In the case that your bot gets stumped, the email will be routed to your Email Center. Multiple team members have access to the same mailbox? No problem. Incoming emails are assigned to specific team members for speedy resolution. Teams also have access to pre-built response templates so it’s easy to maintain clear and consistent messaging from one user to the next.

— SMS Texting

AI Powered Mobile Messaging

Give users the personalized experience they want from the convenience of their mobile device. Deploy inbound SMS campaigns to generate more leads, enable service activation, and launch profiling campaigns. Respond to inbound texts automatically with the help of your chatbot or direct inbound messages to a Live Agent. Develop a cadence for your campaigns, which you can run manually, periodically based on a set schedule, or dynamically based on data changes.

— Connected Social Media

Automate Your Inbox

Get ahead of customer inquiries sent to your organization’s social media pages. With Ivy, you can leverage automated responses to common questions for quick, reliable answers. Then relay the conversation to a Live Agent when further human assistance is needed.

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