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A Pennsylvania University Reverses Enrollment Decline While Saving Money with Chatbot Technology

Case Study

Over the last few decades, technology has evolved considerably. Nowadays, everyone expects simplicity and convenience when they interact with organizations, whether that’s Amazon, the bank, or even the university they attend.
In addition to competing against other colleges, institutions of higher education also need to compete against the experiences that today’s leading companies provide. This is where best-in-class chatbot technology can be game-changing.

Identifying the Need

A Pennsylvania university with more than 35,000 students was facing a common problem for institutions of higher education: declining enrollment. Over the last three years, the university lost more than 5,000 students and was projected to lose an additional 1,500 students during the upcoming school year.

To a significant extent, this decline was due to a suboptimal student experience. When it comes to attracting and retaining students, the student experience matters a lot. The worse the experience, the less likely students will enroll in the first place—let alone continue their studies until they get a degree.


Seeking a better way forward, the university began looking for ways to improve the student experience. Decision makers recognized the opportunity to transform the student experience by making a simple investment in chatbot technology.

The right solution needed to increase engagement, enable students to find the information they need more easily, and free up staff to focus on other important areas of student life instead of spending their time fielding repetitive questions and searching for information. After researching their options, the university ultimately decided that’s chatbot technology—which builds and updates itself without manual intervention—most closely met their needs.



Since deciding to invest in Ivy’s chatbot technology, the university hasn’t looked back. With a modern chatbot solution in place, the university is well positioned to combat declining enrollment for years to come, with the following benefits.

1. Significant Cost Savings
Thanks to Ivy, the university has saved considerable sums of money. Not only did the university reduce the number of inbound calls coming into their contact center and free up agents’ time, but they also reduced the number of live agent chat conversations considerably.

Like Broward College, which saved more than $500,000 with Ivy, this Pennsylvania university has reduced operating costs significantly with Ivy.

2. Empowered Students
Ivy delivers a modern experience students expect. Just like they’d hop on Amazon and engage with customer service chatbots and live agents, they can do the same with Ivy. Whenever students have questions, they’re able to self-serve answers at their own leisure.

For example, if a student is searching for pandemic resources, the status of their financial aid, or information about registering for classes next semester, they can easily find the answers they need. In the event the chatbot is unable to answer a question, the student is automatically connected to a live agent who can take it from there.

3. A Campus-Wide Solution
With Ivy, the university has access to a campus-wide solution that works across all departments. In addition to helping with enrollment and registration, Ivy also assists with a variety of other topics including financial aid, career services, and even personalized GPA reports.

The end result is a powerful, flexible chatbot with incredibly wide applications. Whatever routine questions students might have about the campus experience, Ivy can help answer them.

4. Live Chat
Though Ivy’s chatbot is self-updating as new knowledge comes in, some questions are more complex than others. Whenever Ivy can’t answer a question, it guides students to live agents who can help. While Ivy helps reduce live agent chat conversations significantly, it also makes it easy for agents to step up to the plate when the situation warrants it.

5. Learning Over Time
Because Ivy learns over time and updates itself, the chatbot becomes smarter and smarter as each question comes in and each conversation takes place. When a college deploys Ivy today, they are able to leverage all the learning the chatbot has already done at other campuses. As a result, Ivy helps the university future-proof the student experience by always staying at the forefront of topics that are on students’ minds.

6. Multi-Language Support
Ivy is able to communicate in over 100 languages, which enables students to interact with the chatbot in their native tongue. This, in turn, helps students find the information they’re looking for without worrying about something getting lost in translation.

Transform the student experience with!

When prospective students begin considering your university, a chatbot might be the first way they interact with your institution. If that’s not a good experience, the chances they end up attending plummet.

By investing in Ivy’s leading chatbot technology, universities can ensure these crucial first interactions are as optimized as possible. It’s the easiest way to guarantee students have favorable first impressions of your institution, making it that much easier to reverse declining enrollment trends.

To learn more about how Ivy can help take your college or university to the next level, check out our case study on Broward College. While you’re at it, request a demo of Ivy today to see the power of chabot technology with your own eyes.


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