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Get to know the story behind the bots. We’re a passionate team of innovators proudly leading the way in AI technology and automation.

Our Story

Co-founders Mark McNasby and Michal Oglodek are problem solvers with roots in Higher Education. After establishing their first successful SaaS company, they saw an opportunity to develop something new. The duo presented their new product to their customers, only to learn that their customers had a much bigger problem to solve - they couldn't keep up with their users' questions. The more answers they published on their websites, the more difficult it became for users to navigate the information.

McNasby and Oglodek knew that AI was the answer, and more importantly, that each customer's unique content was the key. Since launching in 2016,'s unique approach has unlocked new potential for customers around the globe.


Today, we work with industries across the spectrum, from higher education to healthcare and everywhere in between. We’re proud to modernize legacy systems so that our clients can reach more customers and ultimately make a bigger impact on those they serve. Our services make information more accessible and more digestible. We increase productivity for your team, and leave a lasting impression on customers who come away with a feeling of delight and deep satisfaction.

We’re here to guide you at every step along the way, from integration and training, through daily functionality and optimization. Afterall, your success is our success

Proudly leading the way in AI chatbot innovation


Fewer Live Chat Inquiries with AI


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Fewer calls with the help of AI



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