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At Ivy, we build chatbots that enable people to get answers quickly.


Our Journey

Launched in 2016, our client base is growing fast as campuses around the world use Ivy to make information more accessible while increasing productivity, and ultimately modernizing their systems.

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What We Value

Our service makes information more accessible, increases productivity and modernizes systems. Our clients are relieved and delighted that the most current campus information is available easily and quickly leaving everyone more gratified and empowered. We believe that harnessing AI technology to serve the needs of higher education will elevate the learning experience and lead to greater academic achievement.


Mark McNasby
Mark McNasby

Mark launched Ivy in 2016 after successfully creating two other startups. He was co-founder of where he coded the resume builder software that has been used by millions of people worldwide and has served over 700 university and government clients. Mark is also the Principal Investigator of Ivy’s NIH funded grant, “AIDA”, a chatbot serving African Americans with Type II Diabetes.

Michal Oglodek
Michal Oglodek

Before co-founding Ivy, Michal was CTO at messaging app and chief software architect at Previous to those positions, he developed AI “predictive markets” software for an international food company. Michal graduated Summa Cum Laude and was Valedictorian of the Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland).

Patryk Majewski
Patryk Majewski
VP of Development

Patryk is a full stack developer, with 11 years of professional experience in web development, expertise in JavaScript and Python, and was the lead front-end developer for Grono, the “Facebook of Poland.”

Mary Frances Coryell
Mary Frances Coryell
VP of Sales & Business Development

Mary Frances is an outstanding sales professional with over 20 years of experience. From pharmaceutical sales for a leading Fortune 500 company to strategic sales and marketing for fast growing startups, she consistently finds enterprise-wide solutions that serve customers’ key objectives.

Katharine Coomer
Katharine Coomer
Director of Operations

Katharine is Ivy's Director of Operations. She is responsible for the production and maintenance of chatbots as well as the project planning and rollouts of bots across the enterprise. Katharine is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Our Pledge

We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our campus partners, and your success is our top priority.

We are here to integrate with your systems and processes, to guide innovation and to modernize how support is delivered on your campus.

Our Pledge
For as good of a product as Ivy offers, working with the team is even better. I can’t say enough about how responsive the Ivy team was and is. We typically received responses in less than 30 minutes, and they were almost always willing to try and figure out things that we didn’t know how to do ourselves. Any bottlenecks in getting work through were always on our end (which is really frustrating!) as the Ivy team always had things ready before our group did. I truly wish every company we worked with had a team as responsive and open as Ivy does!
Steve Maaske
Steve Maaske Innovation Analyst, RADLAB, Creighton University