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Top 10 Funniest Questions Students Asked Our Bots in June 2019

It’s been another great month at Ivy! We love getting fun questions from our users, and we’re excited to share them with you. Here are some of our favorite questions from the month of June.

1. Where are my socks?

Well, if they’re not on your feet, have you checked the dryer? Mine always seem to get lost in there.

2. Can you help me get a pug?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any pugs available for adoption. We’d recommend visiting your local animal shelter.

3. Why cheese?

Why not cheese? Lactose-intolerance?

4. Is it that I am crazy or is it that nobody is normal?

This is quite the philosophical quandary. Normalcy is overrated if you ask us. We’d rather live in a world where nobody is normal.

5. Why are trees outside?

Not all trees are outside! Bonsai trees, for example, thrive indoors, but most trees are simply too tall to fit in the average building.

6. Why are pepperonis round?

Pepperoni is a variety of salami. When this cylindrical shape is sliced, you get the flat, round pepperoni pizza topping we know and love.

7. Do you have a monkey training program?

That depends. Are you looking to train monkeys? Are you a monkey looking to be trained? Or are you hoping to be trained by a monkey?

8. You’ve yeed your last haw.

You think so? We challenge you to a wild, wild west-style duel. Yeeee Haaaww.

9. Do you think Tootsie Rolls could be the cure for cancer?

While we haven’t tested it ourselves, this seems unlikely. We actually couldn’t find any health benefits of Tootsie Rolls.

10. Why don’t you play Fortnite?

I answer students’ questions 24/7. That doesn’t leave much time for video games.

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