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As schools work to combat the spread of COVID-19, many have decided to cease in-person operations. For some institutions, that means spending a few weeks away from campus, while others have elected to shift the remainder of their Spring semester to online learning. These varied decisions all have far-reaching implications, and raise a lot of important questions for students.

When will school re-open?

I’m an international student, do I have to go home?

If I paid my housing deposit, am I eligible for a refund?

This presents an unprecedented communications challenge for colleges and universities. To help, is offering a free COVID-19 Response System until June 30, 2020. Schools can get started in under 10 minutes, and the system includes a COVID-19 Chatbot, a human-to-human Live Chat platform, and SMS Texting. During sign-up, schools receive an installation code to copy and paste onto their website. Voila!

Here’s a little more about what’s included:

COVID-19 Chatbot

The chatbot is customizable, and is powered by the CDC’s microsite. During set-up, schools can select their logo and school colors for branding. The COVID-19 Response System includes access to a web-based admin system where schools can configure customized bot responses. Whether schools plan to re-open in six weeks or remain closed for the duration of the semester, the chatbot can be set to deliver the specific information upon request.

Human-to-Human Live Chat

When first added COVID-19 information to it’s AI chatbots, we found that many questions were resolved by the chatbot, but some students needed additional help. With Live Chat, schools can invite an unlimited number of Live Chat Agents to assist students in real-time. The Live Chat system can be configured so that when Agents are online, students are either sent directly to an agent, or connected to the chatbot. If the chatbot is stumped while Agents are online, it will ask students if they’d like to speak with a Live Chat Agent.

SMS Texting

With the SMS messaging platform, schools can deliver important messages to students en masse. Whether schools wish to drive awareness to their new COVID-19 Chatbot or Live Chat support, or they need to let students know when to return to campus, SMS nudging is an effective vehicle for information delivery.

Existing Customers

If you’re already using, you know the benefit of using a chatbot equipped with AI-powered features. Share this information with other departments at your school which may not be using, or with anyone else who might find it helpful!