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Customer Service

Personalized customer support based on custom content​

Find out exactly what questions your customers are asking and what types of challenges they face most often so you can target better solutions and increase levels of satisfaction.

Why use Ivy to integrate with your platform.

Ivy takes the guesswork out of customer care with fully integrated, customizable workflow solutions. Say goodbye to over-the-phone wait times and hello to round-the-clock, comprehensive customer support.

Offer your customers a full-suite of support services based on AI automation and self-learning machine technology.

Live Chat

Users can access live customer support 24/7 based on keyword recognition.

SMS Text

Customers receive routine updates via push notifications and SMS communications.

Multilingual support

AI agents provide customer support in more than 100 languages.

AI Agent Assist

Web visitors received personalized care that replicates human-to-human interaction.


Chatbot functionality and accuracy improves over time using streamlined ticketing and ontologies.

Increased Availability

With 24/7 service throughout the year, users receive immediate support even after you leave the office. Omni-channel support means that users can interact with Ivy chatbots in the way they find most intuitive, whether that’s on your website, via Facebook Messenger, or through SMS texting.

Personalize Responses

Receive natural language responses to even the most complex questions. Ivy collects and saves keyword information directly to your system so you can learn what your customers are searching for the most.

Dynamic Integrations

Ivy uses API integrations so you can connect our chatbots to all of your online platforms seamlessly. Access all of our AI automation functionality in one centralized location.

Discover how Temple University cut its call volume in half.

Our services

Give your customers somewhere to turn at every stage of the user experience.

Human Resources

Generate personalized responses as you communicate with job seekers and current employees to provide a seamless HR experience.

IT Solutions

Deliver robust troubleshooting services so your users can leverage your platform’s full functionality.

Training and Orientation

Get new customers acquainted with your website in less time and with fewer hiccups.

Ivy blog

Explore our latest resources and case studies.

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