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Generate and qualify more leads

Make a great first impression. With Ivy, you can drive more meaningful conversations with all of your visitors, including new prospects. Deliver speedy responses for increased engagement and delight.

More touch points, more conversions

Your contact form doesn’t need to be your only point of contact. Ivy is your personal assistant and virtual receptionist all in one. Answer common questions and gather prospect information with an experience they'll love.


More applications


Fewer calls

Discover what’s driving prospects

As you interact with potential customers, get inside their heads. With the actionable data generated from chabot encounters, you’ll understand exactly what kind of information your prospects are seeking and how.

Greet prospects with customized and quick responses to the information they need the most in less time.

Consultative and Reliable Support Tools

With unlimited Live Chat you can connect users with AI-guided human support on-demand across your communication channels.

Team coordination tools

Ivy can automatically answer some incoming emails, and route others to designated subject matter experts for more efficient email management.

Multilingual support

Ivy speaks more than 100 languages to help organizations provide more equitable support

Inbound and outbound tools

Leverage SMS as an inbound communication channel supported by AI, Live Chat, and pre-built workflows. Deliver timely SMS nudges and reminders with detailed help.

Content Management Tools

Organize your content using a streamlined missed questions ticketing system and tools for adding more knowledge.

Multi-channel Support

Reach your customers wherever they are. Ivy chats with customers over SMS, Facebook, web, Facebook, email, and more.

Route Conversations

With Ivy’s enterprise-grade Live Chat tools, you can route conversations according to the CRM. Agents can simultaneously manage multiple conversations across web, SMS, and social media channels.

Keep Communication Going via SMS

Provide prospects with necessary opportunities for follow-up. Your Ivy chatbot will continue the conversation over text and answer any questions you have with autonomous responses.

Schedule Meetings and Demos

Avoid phone tag or emails back and forth with Ivy. Our chatbots serve as your personal assistant so scheduling a meeting can be quick and easy.

Leverage Actionable Data

Gather data as you gain new visitors on your site. You can then modify bot behavior, content, and integrations with your CRM and other systems to reduce friction and support more conversions.

University of Oklahoma:
Lowering Barriers with Help From an AI Chatbot

How ivy helps

Qualify more leads and satisfy existing customers.

IT Support

Troubleshoot technical issues online and record commonly missed questions. Streamline communication between human resources, professional development, and recruiting.

Customer Service

Resolve common user issues with a streamlined customer service department that leaves your customers feeling satisfied. Collect meaningful data with the help of Inbox Zero to add frequently-searched-for information to your site.

Billing and Payments

Engage with patients to retrieve documents, view balances, make or schedule payments, and escalate billing-related issues.

Student Admissions

Answer student questions about application forms, program details, tuition costs, upcoming deadlines, and enrollment protocol. Meanwhile, collect meaningful data to inform future recruitment efforts.

Take your lead generation to the next level with Ivy.

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